Francesco Verso’s “E-Doll” novel on stage at the Teatro Valle Ocupato, Rome (Italy)

    E-DOLL_Francesco Verso_Premio Urania 2008The Urania Award-winning novel, “E-Doll” written by Francesco Verso, will debut on stage at the Teatro Valle Ocupato (Rome), on  April 5th, 2013.

    Francesco Verso’s novel winner of  the 2008 Urania Award, “E-Doll”, first published in the Mondadori series in November 2009, has recently been republished, as e-book, in an edited version with the title, “E-Doll: The Manufacturer of Smiles” (E-Doll: Il fabbricante di sorrisi), by Kipple Officine Librarie.

    Now the dystopian future novel finds a new form of expression: the stage. On  Friday the 5th of April 2013, at 20:30, at the Teatro Valle Ocupato, in Via del Teatro Valle in Rome, “E-Doll” will be presented to the audience.

    The protagonists are Katiuscia Magliarisi in the role of Angel and Daniel Ferranti (the Butler).


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