First Congress on Fantastic Sagas and Transmedia Storytelling : 23rd-24th of April 2015, University of Murcia, Spain

    First Congress on Fantastic Sagas and Transmedia Storytelling : 23rd-24th of April 2015, University of Murcia, Spain/I Congreso de sagas fantásticas y narración transmediática : 23 y 24 de abril de 2015, Universidad de Murcia, Facultad de Letras, España

    The University of Murcia (Spain) is hosting on 23rd and 24th of April 2015, the First Congress on Fantastic Sagas and Transmedia Storytelling , providing a forum for academic exchange in order to study the global cultural phenomenon that involves the growing interest in the various artistic, cultural and social forms  of fantasy literature (fantastika).

    The First Congress on Fantastic Sagas and Transmedia Storytelling is organized by the Department of Languages and Literatures (Spanish, English, French) of the University of Murcia (Spain) and is coordinated by Professor Eduardo Encabo.

    The congress aims to study a global cultural phenomenon and the growth of social interest in the forms of fantasy literature (fantastika). These narratives and iconic forms, underlying other literary forms, allow an analysis of the functioning of the collective imagination, forms and habits of cultural consumption in media and constructions of popular genres. As cultural phenomenon, the Fantastic Sagas have grown to produce a generic polymorphic universe within its rules, ranging from the updated recovery of classical mythology, magic medievalism and certain subgenres of science fiction. Chivalry, magic and mythical merge into new scenarios accessible to the popular imagination.

    The Guest Speakers are Ângela Balça (Doctor of Education Sciences and professor at the University of Évora, Portugal ; also coordinator of the International Network of Universities Readers. ; Expert in Children’s Literature, has a long and prestigious career as a specialist in Language Teaching and School Libraries) ;

    Enrico Bocciolesi (Professor of Pedagogy, University degli Studi eCampus (Italy), is  coordinating research and academic publications on the topic of learning styles. International Book Doctor of Science and Scripture, he investigates the use and development of electronic books as eBooks and digital formats.) ;

    Isabel Clúa Gines(PhD in Literary Theory and Comparative Literature – University of Barcelona), Professor of Literary Theory and researcher at the Centre Dona i Literatura (Woman & Fiction University of Barcelona). Part of her research focuses on fiction and contemporary popular genres, especially fantasy and science fiction. She has contributed as a translator, among others, the “Hood” (Stephen Lawhead), “Starship” (Mike Resnick) and “Wild Cards” (George R.R.Martin) sagas) ;

    Alberto Martos García (Professor, University of Extremadura, the author of a pioneer doctoral thesis  in the field of fantastic literature. He is also the author of several articles and book chapters related to the theme of the congress. He has recently written and published “Intermundos”, a novel that is part of the literary genre that addresses the congress.) ;


    Eloy Martos Núñez (Professor at the University of Extremadura and President of Network Universities Readers. Specializing in fantasy literature and teaching of literature, he has participated as a speaker at numerous events related to the subject and is the author of several reference books on the subject.) ;

    Pilar Garrido Clemente (PhD in Arabic Philology (USAL), is Professor of the Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies (University of Murcia). She previously taught at the Federal University of Juiz de Fora (Brazil), she has lectured at universities from multiple countries and has exercised the work of writer and reviewer of texts such as the “Alquitara” collection of oriental literature (Mandala Press).

    Organizing committee : Enrique Encabo Fernández, Amando López Valero, Andrés Montaner Bueno, Berta Rubio Faus, Lourdes Hernández Delgado, Julia Gómez Meseguer

    Scientific Committee : Raúel Cremades García, Ramón Llorens García, Jaime Ibáñez Quintana, María del Carmen Quiles Cabrera, Isabel Jerez Martínez, Mar Campos Fernández-Fígares, Gloria García Rivera, Juan Jose Varela Tembra, Gabriel Núñez Ruiz, Eloy Martos Núñez

    The first Congress Day, Thursday, the 23rd of April 2015, starts at 9.00 and ends at 20.00, and will be held in the Aula Mariano Baquero of the Faculty of Arts; while the Friday, 24th of April 2015 works (with the same schedule), will take place in the Rector Sabater Building’s Auditorium .

    This literary congress aims to study a hybrid fictional world, holding inside various elements in an imaginative synthesis that has connected with large sections of the public through publications and audiovisual mass media phenomena, video games, etc. :

    – to provide a forum for analysis on the role and importance of the great sagas in the Social Sciences.

    – to rethink the place of fantasy literature and its importance in society, taking into account different literary expressions connected with the impact of mass media, analyzing speeches and literary strategies ranging from the local to the universal, from the amateur to the professional, from the traditional to the media, reflecting on the influence and importance of audiovisual culture in it.

    – to promote collaboration and dialogue between researchers and professionals in the audiovisual and literary worlds, trying to provide adequate solutions to the problems and needs of society.

    – to develop a theoretical and historical approach on fantasy literature aspects.

    – to discuss Fantastic literature, sagas and transmedia speech and Epic Fantasy, literary icons, textual multimodality


    April 24, 2014 : Mariano Baquero Hall/aula (Faculty of Arts)

    10.00 to 10.45 Lecture: Eloy Martos Núñez: Narratological patterns in the narratives featuring dragons.

    10: 45-11: 15 Break

    11.15 to 12.45 Communications I: The universe of J.R.R. Tolkien.

    11.00 to 11.15 Caurcel Lucia Martin (UPO): The Hobbit: Images’ Return.

    11.15 to 11.30 Laura Gómez Gálvez (USC): The Influence of Arthurian Settings and Landscapes in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings.

    11.30 to 11.45 Carlos Francisco Márquez Linares (UGR): A Fragment Detached From the True Light: Christianity in the Works of J.R.R. Tolkien.

    11.45 to 12.00 Gustavo Adolfo Aragon(Universidad del Valle): From the Desk (with Possible Enjoyment) Reading Tolkien and Martin in University Classrooms in Cali, Colombia.

    12.00 to 12.45 DEBATE

    16.00 to 17.40 Panel: Sagas, Fantastic Literature and Promotion of Reading.

    Speakers: Ângela Balça, Isabel García Clúa and Alberto Martos.

    17: 40-18: 00 Break

    18.00 to 20.00: Survival of Myths and Literary Icons.

    18.00 to 18.15 Rafael J. Pascual (UGR): Dating Monsters and Demons: the Date of Composition of Beowulf.

    18,15-18-30 Andrés Montaner Good (UM): Speaking of Classic Fantasy: The Odyssey of Nikos Kazantzakis.

    18.30 to 18.45 Abad Alvaro Caballero (UM): Topics of Fantastic Literature in Philip Pulman’s His Dark Materials.

    18.45 to 19.00 Benjamin Cutillas Victoria (UM): “And He Plunged Into the Sea …”: Tartessos as Fantastic Icon Throughout History’s Literary Paradigm.

    19.00 to 19.15 Encarnacion Eduardo Fernández (UM), Isabel Martínez Jerez (UCLM) and Lourdes Hernández Delgado (UM): Some Classic Literature Reviewed From the Adventures of a Boy and a Bumbling wizard: Eric’s (not Faust) Terry Pratchett

    19.15 to 20.00 DEBATE

    Rector Sabater Building Auditorium

    9.00-11.00: Textual Multimodality.

    Mª Victoria Gómez Guadamillas 9.00 to 9.15 (UCLM): Narnia and its Symbols: Lucía and What is Found Behind the Closet.

    Juan José Varela Tembra 9.15 to 9.30 (UDC): The Awakening of Force or the Circularity of the Most Impressive Galactic Saga Ever Told.

    Valero 9.30 to 9.45 Victor Bernal (UM): Batman and Theory of Literature. The Literary Canon According with Christopher Nolan.

    Eduard 9.45 to 10.00 Dance López (UA): How Robert E. Howard Saved Marvel: Sword and Sorcery Pulp Fiction as Renewing Agent in Comics.

    10.00 to 10.15 Eduard Lopez, Francisco Javier Ortiz Hernández, José Rovira Collado and Jesus Vidal Martín-Toledano (UA): Avengers Assemble: Analysis of the Transmedia Superhero Sagas.

    10.15 to 11.00 DEBATE

    11: 00-11: 20 Break

    11.20 to 12.00 Conference. Enrico Bocciolesi: Game of Reading. Enriched Digital Environment and Books.

    12.00 to 12.15 Break

    12.15 to 12.30 José Rovira Collado (UA): The booktrailer and choruses booktuber as transmedia fantasy sagas.

    Grandío María del Mar from 12.30 to 12.45 (UM), Joseba Bonaut Iriarte (USJ) and José Javier Sánchez Aranda (UNAV): Fantastic Sagas  and Fandom. The Role of Fantasy Films for the Current Viewer.

    12.45 to 13.00 Mariano García Urrea (UM): Knights of the Dark Sign. Deconstruction of the Arthurian Myths through the Dark Souls Game. 

    Garre 13.00 to 13.15 Raúl Marín (UM): New Trends in Creating Science Fiction Universes : the Case of Destiny Game

    13.15 to 14.00 DEBATE

    16.00 to 16.45 Conference. Pilar Garrido Clemente : Arab Sagas: Poetic and Military Adventures.

    16.45 to 18.30 V: Heroes and (Anti)Heroes.

    16.45 to 17.00 Daniel Hernández Chambers: The Evasion of (Anti) Hero. From Olkrann to London and Back.

    17,00-17,15 Aldo Daparte Jorge: Gilgamesh, Beowulf and Henry Fleming: Three Founding Heroes Marked by a Frustrating Anabasis.

    17.15 to 17.30 Alejo Steinberg (UNEX): Trivialization of the Ontological Virtual world of Science Fiction: the Cancellation of the Fantastic Doubt in a Posthuman Context

    17.30 to 17.45 Enrique Encarnacion (UM): Epic, Myths, Legends … Parody and Humor: a Received Mode of Tradition Inherited  from the XX and XXI Centuries

    17.45 to 18.30 DEBATE

    18.30 to 18.45 Break

    18.45 to 20.15: From Hogwarts to the Seven Kingdoms.

    Guemes F. Luis Suarez from 18.45 to 19.00 (AU): The Tragic Dimension of Harry Potter.

    19.00 to 19.15 José Ángel Castillo Lozano (UM) and Carmen María López López (UM): The Ordalic Thinking in “A Song of Ice and Fire” saga of G.R.R. Martin.

    19.15 to 19.30 Toni Maestre Brotons (UA): Sex and Power in Game of Thrones.

    19.30 to 20.15 DEBATE

    20:15 Closing






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