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Festival of Fantastic Films


Starting today, between 26th October to 28th October, at Manchester Conference Center (Manchester, UK), runs The Festival of Fantastic Films.

Among Guests of Honour you can meet: Teri Scoble, Lesley Scoble, Martin Stephens (remember “Village of the Damned”?), Mary Maude(“La Residencia”), Linnea Quigley (“Return of the Living Dead”) and Derren Nesbitt (“Where Eagles Dare”).


  • Premiss at 9pm on Friday
  • Electric Man  at 6pm on Saturday
  • Alter Egos at 8pm on Saturday
  • Spirit of Albion at 10am on Sunday
  • Eschatrilogy at 4pm on Sunday
  • Casebook of Eddie Brewer at 4pm on Sunday

More details here: http://fantastic-films.com/festival/index.html

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