Fantasticon 2016 : 11th – 12th June 2016, Copenhagen, Denmark

    Fantasticon is an annual festival in Denmark for the fantastic genres (science fiction, fantasy, horror etc.), where you can meet authors, filmmakers, artists, scientists, fans and many others.

    Fantasticon 2016 will be held June 11-12th at Valby Kino in Copenhagen, Danemark. With this occasion, the Niels Klim Prize will be awarded.

    Guests of Honour


    Justina Robson & Ken MacLeod (UK)


    Thore Bjørnvig, Niels Ole Busk, Kate Christensen, Nanna Foss, Henrik Harksen, Sohail A. Hassan, Richard Ipsen, Torill Korn Feldt, Lars Kramhøft, Steen Langstrup, Patrick Leis, Bo Mikkelsen, Martin Schjönning, Rikke Schubart, A. Silvestri, Mark Tholander, Rasmus Wichmann and Gudrun Østergaard.
    Fantasticon is an annual Dannish science fiction, fantasy and horror festival organized by the Fantasticon Association. The first Fantasticon was held in 2004.

    Fantasticon is focusing on literature, but also on comics, film and television.

    Guests from previous years include authors and editors as Pat Cadigan, Ian Watson, Paul McAuley, Rochita Loenen-Ruiz, Tricia Sullivan, Karin Tidbeck, Nene Ormes, Liz Jensen, Alastair Reynolds, Ellen Datlow, Lene Kaaberbøl, Josefine Ottesen, Christopher Priest, Harry Harrison, Norman Spinrad, Gwyneth Jones, Charles Stross and Catherine Asaro.

    Activities include panels and discussions on various topics, interviews and workshops. But first of all Fantasticon is an opportunity for fans to meet and talk.

    Fantasticon is for everyone with an interest in one or more of the fantastic genres aka science fiction, fantasy and horror.

    Regardless of your age, race, religion, political views or species, you are welcome ! 🙂

    Arene: A Danish SF short film

    Danish Science Fiction (The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction)

    “In Denmark, the science fiction short story is a thriving genre, though mostly as a subculture.

    Since 2007, The Danish science fiction association, Science Fiction Cirklen, has published an annual anthology of original science fiction short stories written by Danish authors.

    The present volume contains a selection from the first two of these annual anthologies.

    Many Danish authors place their stories in a local setting, and all of them have something to say in addition to “just” being entertaining. You will find philosophical parables, time travels, space yarns, alternate history and much more, as well as stories which in different ways come close to the literary mainstream.

    The huge Anglo-American influence on Danish culture since the Second World War is noticeable in the way the authors use the tropes and language of the genre in its modern, international vein. In making these stories available in English, our aim – besides entertaining the readers – is to demonstrate that science fiction truly is an international genre and that it is being written, even in small European countries like Denmark.

    With these words we hope you will enjoy this collection of the “best of the best”. 19 different Danish authors are represented in this anthology. All of them are writing in the SF genre and all of them have a few words in front of there own short story.

    Contents for Sky City New Science Fiction Stories by Danish Authors


    Manfred Christiansen: Sky City

    Niels Gjerløff: Departure

    Richard Ipsen: The White Bear

    Glen Stihmøe: Helium Loves Company

    Flemming R. P. Rasch: The Last Astronaut

    Morten Brunbjerg: The Organism on Maneo

    Patrick Leis: The Tourist

    Dan Mygind: Know Your Target Audience

    Camilla Wandahl: The Red Parakeets

    Kenneth Krabat: The Short Arm of History

    Søren Elmerdahl Hemmingsen: A Contribution to the History of Denmak

    A. Silvestri: When the Music’s Over

    Nikolaj Højberg: The E-Puzzle

    Ellen Miriam Pedersen: Leading, Feeding Camilla

    Fønss Bach Friis: You are my Best Friend

    Brian P. Ørnbøl: Dreams of Stone

    Gudrun Østergaard: The Green Jacket

    Sara Tanderup: In the Surface

    Lars Ahn Pedersen: Interrogation of Victim No.5

    Niels Dalgaard: An Extremely Short History of the Danish Science Fiction

    Sky City – New Science Fiction Stories by Danish Authors
    Published 2010 by the SF society in Denmark: Science Fiction Cirklen
    Copyright © 2010
    Science Fiction Cirklen and contributors
    Selected by: Carl-Eddy Skovgaard
    Translation coordinator: Lea Thume
    Primary proofreader: Lea Thume
    American language consultant: Steve Handel
    Cover illustration: Patrick Leis
    Typesetting & layout: Carl-Eddy Skovgaard
    Publishing editor Carl-Eddy Skovgaard
    Number of pages: 244
    1st issue  2010 – issued in Denmark
    ISBN 978-87-90592-48-6
    Available at SFC
    Price: Dkk 199.00
    International issue in cooperation with BoD
    2nd issue 2011- International issue
    ISBN 978-87-7114-158-0
    Available at,  and all other Amazon sides + also at .
    Price: EUR 33.50 / £26.50 / $31.77




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