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    After the issues dedicated to the science fiction from France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, (and international SF : Brazil and India),Fantastica, the Romanian Science Fiction&Fantasy Society’s Magazine, is presenting the Dutch Science Fiction & Fantasy (Fantastica No.4/Winter 2014), one relevant European SFF.

    Netherlands SF/Olanda SF

    Joseph Andreas Dautzenberg – The Overview of the Dutch Speaking SF

    Jaap Boekestein – The Beginings of the Dutch Speaking Fandom

    Cristian Tamas – The Flying Dutchmen : Trek for Star Trek


    Cristian Tamas – Multiple Interview with Dutch writers Jan J.B. Kuipers, Mike Jansen, Floris Kleijn and Roelof Goudriaan

    Dutch Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Stories

    Floris M. Kleijne – Meeting the Sculptor

    Mike Jansen – The Copper Oasis

    Jan J. B. Kuipers –  Mrs. Blavatsky’s Knee

    Thomas Olde Heuvelt – The Day the World Turned Upside Down

    Marcel Orie – The Chapter Midori

    Jetse de Vries – Guidelines for First Contact in Simplified Technical English

    Tais Teng – The Thief of Souls

    Django Mathijsen – The Sleeping Beauty Symphony

    Germany SF

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    Prof. Dr. Sonja Fritzsche (Illinois Wesleyan University) – German SF

    Michael Iwoleit – Some Remarks About the Current German SF

    Jakob Schmidt & Helmut W.Alpers – German SF since 1990

    Cristian Tamas – The Germanophone Way of SF


    Interview with Prof.Dr.Sonja Fritzsche – Cristian Tamas

    Interview with Lars Schmeink (President of the Association for Research in the Fantastic/GFF) – Cristian Tamas

    View from the other side: Franz Rottensteiner interviewed by Will Schofield

    German Science Fiction Short Stories

    Frank Hebben – Imperium Germanicum

    Michael K. Iwoleit – The End of All Days

    Helmuth Mommers – Rest in Peace

    Frank Hebben – Memories

    Sven Klöpping – Let’s Talk about Death, Baby

    Thorsten Kuper – Haptic


    France SF

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    Cristian Tamaș (Romania) –  Où est la science-fiction d’antan ? (Where is the Science Fiction of Yesteryear ?)

    Cristian Mihail Teodorescu (Romania)  – Nemo 2014, the French National Science Fiction Convention (C.M.Teodorescu was a GoH at Nemo 2014)

    Jean-Claude Dunyach  (France) –  Hitchhiker’s Guide to the French Science Fiction

    Pierre Gévart (France) – From Verne to Houellebecq

    Prof.George Slusser  (US) – French Science Fiction: The Occluded Genre

    Prof.Natacha Vas-Deyres  (France) –  From the Incertain Time to the Slowed Time

    Gérard Klein (France) – Science Fiction’s Dissolution Process

    Prof.Arthur B. Evans  (US) & Prof.Roger Bozetto – Serge Brussolo’s Surrealist Science Fiction

    Ugo Bellagamba (France) – Why SF is Not Fashionable Anymore ?

    Gérard Klein (France) – Science Fiction, A Subculture?

    Aliette of Bodard (France) –  Science Fiction and Non-Western/Non-Anglophone Countries

     Interviews by Cristian Tamas with:

    Gérard Klein (France)

    Ugo Bellagamba (France)

    Jean-Pierre Moumon (Laigle) (France)

    Interviews with Jean-Claude Dunyach (France)  and Natacha Vas-Deyres (France)

    French Science Fiction Short Stories :

    Serge Brussolo (France) –  Like A Dead Mirror (fragment) (Comme un mirroir mort)

    Jean-Claude Dunyach (France) –  Deciphering the Warp (Déchifrer la trame)

    Gérard Klein (France) –  Alive Memory, Dead Memory (fragment) (Mémoire vive, mémoire morte)

    Aliette of Bodard (France) – Immersion

    Italy SF

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    Essays by Debora Montanari and Arielle Saiber :

    Flying Saucers Would Never Land in Lucca: The Fiction of Italian Science Fiction”- Arielle Saiber

    When Aliens Arrived in Italy They Didn’t Land They Teleported: The New Italian SF” (Quando gli alieni sono venuti in Italia non sono atterrati, si sono teletrasportati: la Nuova Fantascienza Italiana) – Debora Montanari

    Fringe Science and SF: their Relationship in Italy”- Debora Montanari

    Short-stories signed by Francesco Verso, Carmelo Rafala and Antonio Bellomi :

    Midsummer Future” – Francesco Verso

     “Two Worlds” – Francesco Verso

     “Repeat Performance” – Carmelo Rafala

     “The Heretic” – Antonio Bellomi

    Cristian Tamaș’ interviews with Francesco VersoDebora Montanari and Arielle Saiber

    Articles and essays signed by Mircea Opriță, Adina Popescu, Adela Dinu, Franciscus Georgius, Sorin Camner, Cornel Mărginean, Dănuț Ungureanu, Dan Apostol, Domna Pastourmatzi (Greece), Mary Elizabeth Ginway (US), Paul Kincaid (UK), Maureen Speller Kincaid (UK), Adam Whitehead (UK).


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