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    coperta trim I 2015

    After the issues dedicated to the speculative fiction  from The NetherlandsFrance, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece (and international SF : Brazil and India), Fantastica, the Romanian Science Fiction&Fantasy Society’s Magazine, is presenting the Czech Science Fiction & Fantasy (Fantastica No.1/Spring 2015), another relevant European SFF. is continuing it’s project to present various European speculative fictions, showing their diversity, their richness and relevance. We’re thanking to all Czech friends that helped us create this issue.

    SRSFF best magazine award logo was the recipient of the BEST MAGAZINE AWARD (The European Science Fiction Society) in 2010 (the joint Czech-Polish 2010 EUROCON from Český Těšín – Cieszyn).

    FANTASTICA nr.1/2015, the Magazine of  the Romanian Science Fiction&Fantasy Society

    Czech Speculative Fiction


    The (post) Eden Planet: From Biological Robots, Talking Newts and Absolute Manufacturers to the „New Cosmopolitanism” – Cristian Tamas

    Small Markets, Big Wonders – Julie Nováková (translated by Cristian Tamas)

    Czech Science Fiction in the Last Forty Years – Ivan Adamovič (translated by Cristian Tamas)

    New Czech Fantasy Literature – Antonín K.K.Kudláč (translated by Cristian Tamas)

    Science Fiction in the Czech Republic and the Former Czechoslovakia: The Pleasures and the Disappointments of the New Cosmopolitanism – Eva Hauserová (translated by Cristian Tamas)

    Karel Čapek, the Fantastic Laughter – Cristian Tudor Popescu

    “War with the Newts”, A Novel of the Human Ecology – Elvira Sorohan

    When the Ambassador is a SF fan : Jaroslav Olša, Jr. – Cristian Tamas


    Interview with Czech SF writers Julie Nováková and Lucie Lukačovičová by Cristian Tamas


    “Symphony of Ice and Dust” by Julie Novakova (translated into romanian by Silviu Genescu)

    “Spirit and Opportunity” by Božena Čechalová (translated into romanian by Silviu Genescu)

    “Dragon Star” by Paul Renčín (translated into romanian by Marian Truta)

    “Axes on Viola” by Jaroslav Mostecký (translated into romanian by Silviu Genescu)

    “CatNIP” by Lucie Lukačovičová (translated into romanian by Silviu Genescu)

    # ESSAYS

    Freedom and Manipulation – Adela Dinu


    “Xenos”, The Romanian Science Fiction&Fantasy Society Anthology – a review by Alexandru Lamba

    “Quantum Thief” by Hannu Rajaniemi – a review by Irving T. Creve

    “The Island” by Aldous Huxley – a review by Adela Dinu

    “Under the Skin” by Michel Faber – a review by Adela Dinu


    “Eva” – Bogdan Mihailescu

    “Chappie”, the Chronicle of An Announced Failure – Sorin Camner


    “Food Chain” by Cristian Mihail Teodorescu

    “Diamond Minds” by Milos Dumbraci

    “Radiography of a Perfume” by Eta Medregan

    “Advertising” by Eugene Cadaru

    “Marilyn Monroe on a Closed Curve” by Danut Ungureanu

    # SERIAL

    “The Edge of the Rainbow” (XIII) by Aurel Cărăşel


    Epigenetics and Mysticism – Irving T. Creve


    The Origins of the Energy (IX) – Cornel Marginean

    # FANDOM

    How Do I Became a Solarisian (Episode 13) – Danut Ungureanu


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