Fantastica Magazine’s Special Issue Dedicated to the French Science Fiction

Fantastica nr.2_2014

After the issues dedicated to the science fiction from Italy, Spain, Greece, Brazil and India, Fantastica, the Romanian Science Fiction&Fantasy Society’s Magazine, is analysing the French Science Fiction (Fantastica No.2/Summer 2014), one of the most important in Europe and in the world, the continental one who influenced the most the European SF.

France SF

Cristian Tamaș (Romania) –  Où est la science-fiction d’antan ? (Where is the Science Fiction of Yesteryear ?)

Cristian Mihail Teodorescu (Romania)  – Nemo 2014, the French National Science Fiction Convention (C.M.Teodorescu was a GoH at Nemo 2014)

Jean-Claude Dunyach  (France) –  Hitchhiker’s Guide to the French Science Fiction

Pierre Gévart (France) – From Verne to Houellebecq

Prof.George Slusser  (US) – French Science Fiction: The Occluded Genre

Prof.Natacha Vas-Deyres  (France) –  From the Incertain Time to the Slowed Time

Gérard Klein (France) – Science Fiction’s Dissolution Process

Prof.Arthur B. Evans  (US) & Prof.Roger Bozetto – Serge Brussolo’s Surrealist Science Fiction

Ugo Bellagamba (France) – Why SF is Not Fashionable Anymore ?

Gérard Klein (France) – Science Fiction, A Subculture?

Aliette of Bodard (France) –  Science Fiction and Non-Western/Non-Anglophone Countries


Interviews by Cristian Tamas with:

Gérard Klein (France)

Ugo Bellagamba (France)

Jean-Pierre Moumon (Laigle) (France)

Interviews with Jean-Claude Dunyach (France)  and Natacha Vas-Deyres (France)


French Science Fiction Short Stories :

Serge Brussolo (France) –  Like A Dead Mirror (fragment) (Comme un mirroir mort)

Jean-Claude Dunyach (France) –  Deciphering the Warp (Déchifrer la trame)

Gérard Klein (France) –  Alive Memory, Dead Memory (fragment) (Mémoire vive, mémoire morte)

Aliette of Bodard (France) – Immersion


Special :

Prof.Maria-Ana Tupan – Mihai Grămescu and Peter Akroyd: Parallel Readings


Mihai Iovănel (Romania) –  review of the SF novel “Vegetal” by Dănuţ Ungureanu and Marian Truţă

Sebastian A Corn_Ne vom intoarce la Muribecca

Mihai Iovănel (Romania) –  review of the SF novel “We’ll be back in Muribecca” (Ne vom întoarce în Muribecca) by Sebastian A. Corn

Cristian M. Teodorescu  (Romania) – Reading Impressions: “We’ll be back in Muribecca” (Ne vom întoarce în Muribecca) by Sebastian A. Corn

Eugen Stancu (Romania) –  Future


Reviews :

Nina Allan (UK) –  review of “Ancillary Justice” by Ann Leckie

Neth  (US) –  review of  “Ancillary Justice” by Ann Leckie


Film Reviews :

Alexander Maniu (Romania) – Let me “Leste” you

Chris Jones (UK) – Commemoration of D-Day with “Edge of Tomorrow”


Essays :

György Györfi-Deák (Romania) – The Woman and the SF Reality

Franciscus Georgius (Romania) – King Bear

Prof. Mary Elizabeth Ginway (US) – A Working Model for Analyzing Third World Science Fiction: The Case of Brazil (Part V)


Comics :

Dodo Niță (Romania) –  Comics and Science Fiction in the Hexagon

Viorel Pîrligras (Romania) – Rahan,  A Robot Portrait


Romanian Short Stories :

George Lazăr (Romania) – Miracles’Court (Curtea miracolelor)

Diana Alzner (Romania) –  The Tunnel At the End of the World (Tunelul de la capătul lumii)

Alexandru Lamba (Romania) –  Trojan (Troian)

Octavian Gheorghe Roșca (Romania) –  Prayer (Rugăciune)

Lucian Merişca (Romania) –  To Fly in A Better World (Să zbori într-o lume mai bună)


International Short Stories :

Sylvia Spruck Wrigley (UK) –  Alive, Alive, Oh !

Christopher Kastensmidt (US) –  A Parlous Battle against the Capelobo

Milo James Fowler (US)  – Captain Quasar and the Pestiferous Pirates of Narvana 6

Fandom :

Dănuţ Ungureanu  (Romania) –  How I Became Solarisian (Cum m-am făcut solarisian), Episode 10

Science :

Cornel Mărginean (Romania) –  The Origins of the Energy : Three Questions About Energy (Originile energiei : trei întrebări despre energie), Episode 6


Romanian Science Fiction&Fantasy Society

Fantastica’s Editorial Team

Cristian Tamaș : Editor

Dănuț Ungureanu : Sub-Editor

Antuza Genescu, Silviu Genescu : Collaborators

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