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Fantastica nr.1_2014

Fantastica“, (new name of) the online magazine of the Romanian Science Fiction and Fantasy Society (Societatea Română de Science Fiction & Fantasy=SRSFF) dedicated it’s last issue to the italian fantascienza (science fiction) via it’s thematic dossier “ITALIA SF” :

Essays by Debora Montanari and Arielle Saiber :

Flying Saucers Would Never Land in Lucca: The Fiction of Italian Science Fiction”- Arielle Saiber

When Aliens Arrived in Italy They Didn’t Land They Teleported: The New Italian SF” (Quando gli alieni sono venuti in Italia non sono atterrati, si sono teletrasportati: la Nuova Fantascienza Italiana) – Debora Montanari

Fringe Science and SF: their Relationship in Italy”- Debora Montanari

Short-stories signed by Francesco Verso, Carmelo Rafala and Antonio Bellomi :

Midsummer Future” – Francesco Verso

 “Two Worlds” – Francesco Verso

 “Repeat Performance” – Carmelo Rafala

 “The Heretic” – Antonio Bellomi

Cristian Tamaș’ interviews with Francesco Verso, Debora Montanari and Arielle Saiber

Articles and essays signed by Mircea Opriță, Adina Popescu, Adela Dinu, Franciscus Georgius, Sorin Camner, Cornel Mărginean, Dănuț Ungureanu, Dan Apostol, Domna Pastourmatzi (Greece), Mary Elizabeth Ginway (US), Paul Kincaid (UK), Maureen Speller Kincaid (UK), Adam Whitehead (UK).

Short stories by Aurel Cărășel, Alexandru Lamba, Victor Nicușor Dragomir, Michalis Manolios (Greece).

Translators : Antuza Genescu, Alex Maniu, Cristian Tamaș.

That after ”Fantastica” dedicated it’s previous issues to the science fictions of Spain, Greece, Brazil and India, revealing the diversity of the European SF  and the World SF.




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