Eurosteamcon in Vienna

    Eurosteamcon – in Vienna? – Yes, it is possible although it is a big surprise, as we do not have a national convention on science-fiction here. But on September the 29th 2012 the steampunk convention took place.

    The Eurosteamcon came off on the same day(s) in different countries of Europe. A great idea to connect fans, especially as one could connect online to see what the fans in other countries were doing at their events!



    But well, what irritated me in the first place where starting time and location. A convention in a gothic club, starting at 9:00 p.m.??? – This is usually not the perfect time to listen to a panel and there was also not much space for fair stands, although they somehow managed to squeeze in a little exhibition of steampunk crafts.

    In my point of view at least the event at the venue in Vienna was not a convention. At least none an average science-fiction fan would expect.


    Finally it was interesting and quite O.K. if you saw it as a party with music, drinks and company. The entrance fee were 3 Euro only, so although I had my doubts before, I though it was worth giving it a try. Unfortunatly I was not feeling fine that night as I have been coughing a lot, so I left early and probably missed something.

    In fact I have been most impressed that there were most people in steampunk outfits, many of them really gorgeous!

    [In case you prefer reading this event review in German, check out my entry in LITERRA. Please note that is not a literal translation, just a text on the same topic written by the same author.]



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