Europa SF needs you

    Look at the number of visitors for all conventions in Europe. Think about the number of readers of the speculative genre in Europe. That is how many visitors Europa SF could have each day, at least 10.000, I think. But the real number of visitors will be at best 1%, I guess. That is our problem here: this site leads a hidden life. Readers, writers and publishers are denied 99% of their full potential. That is a pity, that is sad, that is a shame. In the end it will mean that the people behind this site will get frustrated, will give up on it. We can’t allow this to happen, can we?
    Europa SF was launched as a counterbalance to the Anglo-American dominance in the field. This dominance has led to almost total invisibility for European writers and publishers. Some writers in the Netherlands are fed up with it. They are bombarding publishers around the world with their stories in English. With some success for themselves, I have to admit, but as far as I can see, it doesn’t do much for the image of Europe as a cradle of storytellers in its own right.
    It is not only this site that is suffering from a lack of interest. The excellent magazine International Speculative Fiction is sharing its fate: 2014 went by without a new issue. I have got the impression that the editors have already given up on it. In my country ISF is almost unknown. Even free downloads did not help. And that is something to worry about, because if there is a free offer somewhere you can be sure that you will meet a Dutchman there.
    europaneedsyouIs there something we can do about this ignorance concerning Europa SF and ISF? Yes there is, I believe. A friend showed me how. He started a regular post about ISF on facebook and twitter. I think this is worth a try. So here is what to do.
    Post regularly on social media. Show pictures from the site and covers of ISF. You don’t have to use many words as long as the message is positive. On facebook you must use a slightly different text every time, because facebook will not show it if it sees the same text repeatedly. Ask followers to retweet or share. Do this persistently for at least a month. Maybe it will lead to the idea that there is a European speculative fiction scene that is worth following. In the end all will benefit, writers, publishers and, last but not least, readers. Europa SF needs you, just like you need Europa SF.


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