EUROPA SF : Best European Website ESFS Award 2015

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    EUROPA SF won again the ESFS (European Science Fiction Society) Award for the Best European Website !

    We’re thanking all the European SF fans who voted EUROPA SF and we congratulate all the correspondents of EUROPA SF.


    Nina Horvath Eurocon 2013

    Nina Horvath showing the 2013 ESFS (European Science Fiction Society) Award for the Best European Website (EUROPA SF) at the Kiev (Ukraine) Eurocon.

    “Europa SF was founded to provide a platform for European science fiction. Not so much for the big mainstream stuff, although there is of course also enough space for that, but especially for smaller and only national projects on science-fiction.” – Nina Horvath


    In 2013, EUROPA SF won the first time the ESFS (European Science Fiction Society) Award for the Best European Website at the Kiev (Ukraine) Eurocon.

    Here’s the full list of the ESFS Awards’ winners :

    ESFS Awards 2015

    The European Science Fiction Society is proud to announce the Winners of the 2015 ESFS Awards. These awards were announced on the 26th of April 2015 at the 37th Eurocon in St. Petersburg, Russia.

    European Grand Master:

    • Eugene Lukin


    Best Author: China Miéville (United Kingdom)
    Best Artist Manchu (France)
    Best Magazine: Fantastica Almanac (Bulgaria)
    Best Publisher: Gollancz (United Kingdom)
    Best Promoter Mihaela Marija Perković (Croatia)
    Best Translator Ekaterina Dobrohotova-Majkova (Russia)



    Best Artist: Serhiy Krykun (Ukraine)
    Best Fanzine: Pritiazhenie (Attraction) (Russia)
    Best Website: Europa SF (Romania)
    Best Dramatic Presentation: Song of the Sea (Ireland)
    Best creator of children’s Science Fiction or Fantasy books:
    • Anton Lomaev* (Russia)
    • Ruth F. Long* (Ireland)

    *A tie occurred and both creators are awarded.


    • Michael Wozoning – Austria
    • Kaloyan Zahariev – Bulgaria
    • David Kelecic – Croatia
    • Martin D. Antonin – Czech Republic
    • Liz Bourke – Ireland
    • Luis Corredoura – Portugal
    • Georgiana Vladulescu – Romania
    • Victor Kolyuzhniak – Russia
    • Jana Paluchová – Slovakia
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    The European Science Fiction Society is an international organisation of SF professionals and fans who are committed to promoting Science Fiction in Europe and European Science Fiction worldwide.
    The organisation was founded at the first European Science Fiction Convention, Eurocon, which was held in 1972 in Trieste, Italy. Since that time, the organisation has organized European Science Fiction Conventions (Eurocons) at least every two years. The organisation also administrates the European SF Awards.

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