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EuroCon 2017: German “DortCon”-Team plans bid


The bi-annual “DortCon” from Dortmund in Germany has big plans for 2017: The team of organizers has announced recently that they intend to make a bid for the 2017 EuroCon. The last German EuroCon has been in 1999, also in Dortmund, thirteen years ago. Many active fans in Germany have lamented over the last years that one of the biggest fandoms in Europe has not been able to muster the ressources necessary to organize another EuroCon. The decision to give it a  try has been made after a lengthy deliberation and following positive signals towards a German bid during the last EuroCon in Zagreb. The next “regular” DortCon will take place in March 2013.

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  1. Good luck for the team from Dortmund! I think it is an enrichment for Eurocon to have such a well-planned application. Also the time-table seems quite reasonable to me. I hope to meet the team already at Eurocon 2013.

  2. Hi !
    I’m the Eurocon2018 french bid manager. Would you agreeto support one another. I could be your correspondant in France, and you our correspondant in Germany…

    What d’you think about that ?

    Hope to read from you soon, and have an agreement

    Best regards

    Pierre Gevart

  3. Please note that this is a platform for news on European SF in general. So in case you want to get in touch with the bidding team, it would be better if you write an e-mail via the homepage of the Dortcon.


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