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Eurocon 2013 Awards


Via Peter Wilkinson, we present you the Eurocon 2013 Awards list:

European Grandmaster

  • Terry Pratchett (UK)
  • Iain Banks (UK)

Hall of Fame

  • Author: Andrei Valentinov (Ukraine)
  • Artist: Nikolai Redka (Ukraine)
  • Translator: Patrice and Viktoriya Lajoie (France)
  • Promoter: Istvan Burger (Hungary)
  • Publisher: Shiko (Ukraine)
  • Magazine: SFX (UK)

Spirit of Dedication

  • Performance: “Vash Vikhod” (Ваш выход – Your Move), “Raido” theatre (Ukraine)
  • Website: Europa SFscifiportal.eu (Romania)
  • Illustrator: Katerina Bachilo (Russia)
  • Fanzine: Fandango (Ukraine)

Encouragement Awards

  • Stefan Cernohuby (Austria)
  • Ioana Visan (Romania)
  • Aleksandra Davydova (Russia)
  • Leonid Kaganov (Russia)
  • Livia Hlavackova (Slovakia)
  • Boris Georgiev (Georgia)
  • Julia Novakova (Czech Republic)
  • Oleg Silin (Ukraine)
  • Martin Vavpotic (Slovenia)
  • Anton Lik (Belarus)

Honorary Awards

  • Harry Harrison (in memoriam)
  • Boris Strugatsky (in memoriam)

Congratulations to all winners, many thanks to all those who voted for us, many thanks to all Europa SF team.

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  1. This is a wonderful recognition to those men and women who devoted time and effort to make Europa SF the very cool site it is. Thanks to the vision of those who started it. Thanks to Cristian Tamas and Marian Truta for all your hard work at creating a sophisticated, elegant, vivid, easy to navigate and informative site. I’m proud to be part of this team.

    Nina Munteanu

  2. It was a great honour for me not only fetching the award of my landsman Stefan Cernohuby, but I was also called to accept the award for Europa SF on the big stage. I took it with pleasure for our whole team.


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