ESFS Nominations 2020

    The European Science Fiction Society is an international organization of SF professionals and fans who are committed to promoting science-fiction in Europe and European science-fiction worldwide. The organization was founded at the first European Science Fiction Convention, Eurocon, which was held in 1972 in Trieste, Italy.

    One of their aims is encouraging people who are active in SF-fandom with their award. The next awards will be decided at the Eurocon in Rijeka (Croatia) in October 2020, which will be as, due to obvious reasons, be mainly held online.

    Hall of Fame Awards – Best Artist:

    Croatia: Zdenko Bašić

    Finland: Petri Hiltunen

    France: Philippe CAZA

    Ireland: Iain Clark

    Luxembourg: Ken Barthelmey

    Poland: Tomasz Maroński

    Romania: Adrian Chifu

    Russia: Sergey Shikin / Сергей Шикин

    Spain: Enrique Corominas

    Ukraine: Igor Barankoнько

    Hall of Fame Awards – Best Author

    Austria: Marc Elsberg

    Croatia: Milena Benini

    Finland: Johanna Sinisalo

    France: Philippe Curval

    Ireland: Maura McHugh

    Italy: Francesco Verso

    Luxembourg: Claude Peiffer

    Poland: Anna Kańtoch

    Romania: Gheorghe Sasarman

    Russia: Victor Pelevin / Виктор Пелевин

    Spain: José Carlos Somoza

    Hall of Fame Awards – Best Publisher:

    Austria: Ohneohren

    Croatia: Hangar 7

    France: L’Atalante

    Italy: Zona 42

    Luxembourg: Robert ‘Gollo’ Steffen

    Poland: Wydawnictwo MAG

    Romania: PAVCON

    Russia: Fanzon

    Spain: Crononauta

    Hall of Fame Awards – Best Promoter:

    Croatia: Vesna Kurilić.

    France: Raymond Milesi

    Ireland: Marguerite Smith

    Italy: Deep Space One

    Luxembourg: Gérard Kraus

    Russia: Alexey Karavaev / Алексей Караваев

    Spain: Cristina Jurado

    Ukraine: Yuri Shevela

    Hall of Fame Awards – Best Magazine:

    Croatia: Sirius B

    France: Gandahar

    Italy: IF – Insolito e Fantastico

    Romania: Helion

    Russia: μ Cephei / Мю Цефея.

    Spain: Tantrum

    Hall of Fame Awards – Best Translator:

    Croatia: Igor Rendić

    France: Michelle Charrier

    Italy: Silvia Castoldi

    Romania: Silviu Genescu

    Russia: Paweł Laudański for Poland

    Spain: Pilar Ramírez Tello

    Achievement Awards – Best Work of Art:

    Austria: Däniken zum Schmunzel by Reinhard Habeck

    Croatia: Other Worlds exhibition by Maja Strgar Kurečić

    France: Utopiales19 book cover, by Mathieu Bablet

    Ireland: The Dublin 2019 Hugo Award bases

    Italy: Maurizio Manzieri – Poster for Cartoons on the bay

    Luxembourg: Tow & Tank (Andy Genen)

    Russia: Sergey Shikin for the cover of the anthology “Other Sky”

    Spain: Art for La guerra de Dios. Artist: Juan Alberto Hernández

    Sweden: Urtidsbilder by Simon Stålenhag

    Achievement Awards – Best Work of Fiction:

    Austria : Shape Me by Melanie Vogltanz

    Croatia: Krsnik by Ana Cerovac

    France: Trois hourras pour Lady Évangeline by Jean-Claude Dunyach

    Ireland: Luna: Moon Rising (Luna #3) by Ian McDonald for the United Kingdom

    Italy: No/Mad/Land by Francesco Verso

    Luxembourg: The Harm Tree by Rose Edwards

    Spain: Bionautas by Cristina Jurado

    Achievement Awards – Best Dramatic Presentation:

    Austria: Little Joe

    Croatia: Slice of Life

    Finland: Aniara for Sweden

    France: Terra Willy – Planète inconnue

    Ireland: Dr. Krell & The Carnyx of Terror

    Italy: Good Omens

    Luxembourg: Superjhemp Retörns

    Russia: The Outbreak / Эпидемия

    Spain: Klaus

    Sweden: Aniara

    Achievement Awards – Fanzine:

    Austria: Super Pulp

    Croatia: FantaSTine

    France: Présences d’esprits

    Ireland: Journey Planet

    Luxembourg: Sci-Fan – Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Radio

    Romania: ZIN

    Russia: Aconitum / Аконит

    Spain: Cuentos para Algernon, by Marchetto

    Achievement Awards – Best Work for Children:

    Austria: Thalamus by Ursula Poznanski

    Croatia: Dvojnici iz Tame by Morea Banićević

    France: Mers Mortes, by Aurélie Wellenstein

    Ireland: The Invasion by Peadar Ó Guilín

    Luxembourg: Illustrated Fairytales by Sabrina Kaufmann

    Russia: Julia Ivanova. Cycle “Charovodjie” / Юлия Иванова, цикл романов “Чароводье”

    Spain: Rapunzel con piojos by Miguel López

    Achievement Awards – Best Internet Publication, other than a Fanzine:

    Croatia: Decameron 2020

    France: ActuSF

    Ireland: The Irish Fandom Community Group on Facebook

    Italy: Fantascientificast

    Russia: Author’s blog of Vladimir Anikeev for Belarus

    Spain: La nave invisible

    Chrysalis Award:

    (The Chrysalis Award is for authors/artists who first published three years or less before the current Eurocon. Unlike the former Achievement Award that had been replaced by the Chrysalis, age doesn´t matter.)

    Austria: Caroline Hofstätter

    Croatia: Zoe Penn

    Finland: Edmund Schluessel

    France: Chloé Veillard

    Ireland: Oein DeBhairduin

    Italy: Linda De Santi

    Luxembourg: Jean Bürlesk

    Romania: Diana Alzner

    Russia: Olga Rejn / Ольга Рэйн

    Spain: Haizea Zubieta

    Ukraine: Volodymyr Kuznietsov


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