ESFS Awards: Nominations 2013

    The European Science Fiction Society is an international organisation of SF professionals and fans who are committed to promoting Science Fiction in Europe and European Science Fiction worldwide.

    The organisation was founded at the first European Science Fiction Convention, Eurocon, which was held in 1972 in Trieste, Italy.

    One of their aims is encouraging people who are active in SF-fandom with their award. The next awards will be decided at the Eurocon in Kiev in April 2013. Here are the nominations!


    Best Author
    Andreas Gruber (Austria): He is certainly one of the best known Austrian SF-authors.

    Liviu Radu (Romania): Since the last Eurocon he published two more novels, for a total of 19. Alternate Worlds, Soft SF, Cyberpunk, Fantasy and Horror, these are the areas in which Liviu Radu was among the firsts to write in Romanian at the today standards.

    Vadim Panov (Russia): –

    Michel Jeury (France):
    Frantisek Novotný (Czech Republic): He received six Academy of Science-Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Awards for his fiction and non-fiction writings and long-life participation on Czech fandom activities.

    Anja Kümmel (Germany)

    Andrey Valentinov (Ukraine)

    Mary Gentle (UK)

    Nikolay Tellalov (Bulgaria)

    Dario Tonani (Italy):

    Miha Remec (Slovenia): He is the author of many Slovenian SF novels.


    Best Artist

    Johann Peterka (Austria): Johann Peterka as illustrator of many important books on speculative fiction, including science-fiction. Although he has cut back some of his offical work, the enthusiasm has not decreased: So for one example he draws new and gorgeous graphic novel for the e-zine “Cthulhu Libria” every month.


    Catalin Negrea (Romania):, add to it the covers for Helion magazine and those for the Bastion publishing house

    Sergei Shikin (Russia)

    Milivoj Ćeran (Croatia): Milivoj was born in Zagreb on October 21, 1978. His illustrations are made in traditional media for various clients including: Wizards of the Coast (Dungeon Magazine, Dragon Magazine, D&D books, D/D Fortune Cards), and World of Warcraft tcg (Cryptozoic Entertainment, Upper Deck Entertainment) among others. He is a member of Croatian Association of Applied Arts Artists (ULUPUH), and since 2004 he has been teaching painting techniques on Painting department, School of applied arts in Zagreb, Croatia.
    Check his work on his pages:

    Manchu (France):

    Jana Souflová (Czech Republic): She creates book covers as good as free paintings, mainly with fantasy themes. (web: http:// , czech and english)

    Martin Frei (Germany)

    Nikolay Redka (Ukraine)

    Anne Sudworth (UK):

    Tomasz Baginski (Poland)

    Plamen Semkov (Bulgaria) (,,

    Milivoj Ceran: “The great illustrator from Croatia”

    Best Translator
    Stefan Ghidoveanu (Romania): Since last Eurocon, Stefan became Stephenson in Romanian for Anathem. Translating SF in Romanian since the ’80, Stefan Ghidoveanu “signed” Philip K. Dick, Ursula K. Le Guin,, John Scalzi etc.

    Kirill Pleshkov (Russia):
    “it’s in Russian. but Google translates it well enough”
    Patrice and Viktoriya Lajoie France Patrice and Viktoriya Lajoie, who will attend the Convention, are now the best translators for Russian science fiction from Russian into french. They also attend a specialised website on Russian fantastika,

    Petr Kotrle (Czech Republic): He received four Czech Academy of Science-Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Awards for best translator.

    Christiane Pöhlmann (Germany)

    Vladislav Rusanov (Ukraine)

    Svetlana Komogorova (Bulgaria):

    Best Promoter
    Helmuth Mommers (Austria): Helmuth Mommers, especially for his project of the “Villa Fanatastica”,
    a library on mostly SF, but also for other genres on speculative
    fiction. The library should perserve large collections for future
    generations, as well as providing information for students and
    interesting books for average people who can lend books for free.

    Michael Haulica (Romania): Since the Last Eurocon, Michael Haulica, being an accomplished author himself, conceived another SF&F magazine – “ARGOS” – and leading a new SF publishing house and collection, Paladin. Since the ’90s, Michael Haulica founded and edited 7 SEVEN magazines(SuperNova, Alternativ SF, Lumi Virtuale,, Nautilus, Galileo, Argos), out of which three are ongoing, and helped more than 20 young Romanian authors to get published. He is an astute cultural and SF journalist and blogger.

    Istvan Burger (Hungary)

    Alexander Sidorovich (Russia)

    Davor Šišović (Croatia): Davor’s inexhaustible energy has made him one of the most active fandom members in Croatia. He has initiated three SF festivals in Pazin, a small town in the heart of the peninsula of Istra: Istrakon, the second largest SF convention in Croatia; Fantastic Literature Festival, a writers’ summer Mecca; and Jules Verne festival (Jules Verne has placed one of his novels in Pazin). He is single-handedly responsible for Pazin becoming a member of the Book Town Organization. Davor Šišović writes SF book reviews for two daily newspapers and keeps a meticulous record of all events to do with SF at his blog .

    Gérard Klein (France):

    Michael Haitel (Germany)

    Gleb Gusakov (Ukraine):,_%D0%93%D0%BB%D0%B5%D0%B1_%D0%92%D0%BB%D0%B0%D0%B4%D0%B8%D0%BC%D0%B8%D1%80%D0%BE%D0%B2%D0%B8%D1%87

    Kalin Nenov (Bulgaria):

    Silvio Sosio (Italy)

    Best Publisher
    Septime (Austria): Jürgen Schütz with his publishing house “Septime”.
    The aim of the publishing house is to provide demanding international
    stories and also original fiction in German language. Especially the
    project of presenting the complete works of the SF-author James Tiptree
    Jr. to the readers of our country (and other German-speaking countries)
    qualifies him for the nomination. Link:

    Millenium Books (Romania) Continuing a longer than a decade work, its editor, Horia Nicola Ursu, published more Romanian authors than all the other editors combined, having the main effort in short stories anthologies, with the same attention for debutes like for the confirmed authors.

    Azbooka (Russia):

    Mentor (Croatia): Mentor is small publishing company ran by Darko Macan, with great reputation in Croatian SF community. Promoting Croatian authors for last twenty years, they were the ones responsible for shaking up Croatian science fiction literary scene in the 1990es, opening space for new authors.
    Mentor is also creditable for Ubiq, award winning semi-annual magazine (ESFS Hall of fame 2011) that offers not only stories, but also important critical and theoretical work, including essays by experts from the academic circles.
    Another great work published by Mentor in 2006 is Ad Astra, Anthology of Croatian Science Fiction Novella 1976 – 2006 .
    As a special edition for Kontakt (Eurocon 2012), Mentor published Kontakt, an anthology of current Croatian authors in English, which was given to every member with the Deluxe Membership. ( )
    Their greatest impact on Croatian Science Fiction is in their support to new and young authors, helping them to grow and develop their own style of writing.

    L’Atalante (France):

    Wurdack (Germany) (publisher Ernst Wurdack):

    Shiko (Ukraine)

    Beccon Publications (UK) Small press, SF critical works and some filk on the side.

    Argus (Bulgaria)

    Delos Books (Italy)

    Best Magazine
    Quaber Merkur (Austria): Quaber Merkur with the Austrian editor Franz
    Rottensteiner. It has come out since 1963 and still pretty much alive!
    The publishing house is in Germany, but I guess this is the aim the
    ESFS-award: To make interesting projects across the borders!

    Helion (Romania): (it is the flagship of Romanian SF media, celebrating recently 30 years since its first issue. It is a constant and essential part of Romanian SF discussions, with its electronic presence at

    Geek (Germany)

    45th Meridian (Ukraine)

    Scifiworld (Spain)

    SFX (UK)

    Fiction (new version) (France):

    FantAstika Almanac (Bulgaria) e.g. 2007:, 2012: (Italy)

    ISF (Portugal):

    Best Dramatic Presentation
    Adrian Chifu (Romania): See his videos for which he composes the music, conceives the script, films and edits them. Example: Exodos, Adrian is a sharp music and film critique also, with a special ear and eye for our genre.

    Your Move by Radio Theatre (Ukraine)

    Best Website

    Europa SF (Romania) The site Europa SF ( ) is rather new project, but it started strong; This pan-European SF&F project in English, de facto language of Europe and the world, dedicated to the promotion of all European SF&F gathered contributors from al over the continent sharing information about the fandom, reviews of new books and movies, bringing fans closer.

    N.B. Several out of country nominations.

    GAZETA SF (Romania) At, the most spectacular evolution in form and content since the last Eurocon.

    BVI archives (Russia):

    ActuSF (France): (Germany):

    Zoryana Fortetsya (Ukraine)

    BG-Fantastika (Bulgaria): (Italy) (Slovenia)
    Best Artist
    Karin Tidbeck (Sweden): Karin Tidbeck is a Swedish author of fantasy and weird fiction. Her short
    story collection Jagannath from 2012 has got favorable reviews and is on
    the Locus list of recommended reading. She has recently received the
    Crawford Award, designated for an “exceptionally promising writer whose
    first fantasy book was published the preceding year_. Jagannath is on the
    Tiptree Award Honor List (“A beautifully written collection of short
    stories using Norse myth; the ones that involve gender identities present
    figures not easily forgotten, from the Aunts to the Great Mother to the
    characters mooning over an airship and a steam engine.”) An example of her
    work can be read at
    For more information see Wikipedia, and a review
    and an interview in Interzone 244.

    Michael Marcus Thurner (Austria): Michael Marcus Thurner. He writes on the very popular series “Perry Rhodan” and has also published books on SF on his own. One of them had also been translated into Polish language.

    Mircea Oprita (Romania): His personality as a novelist, genre historian, reviewer and popular science writer is central for Romanian SF since the ’70s.

    Catherine Bachilo (Russia)

    Filip Burburan (Croatia): Filip a.k.a Morka is one of the Croatia well kept secrets and his info is really hard to find. Let us help you with few details; this illustrator and graffiti artist was born in Rijeka in 1983, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana and currently works as illustrator in Boonar Studio ( ).
    He is a part of ZEK crew ( ), a collective of eight young artists, as well as YCP graffiti crew from Croatia.
    Filip Burburan web page:

    Pierre le Pivain (France):

    Best Fanzine
    GAZETA SF (Romania): Simple said, for the enormous number of newcomers published.

    Darker (Russia):

    Géante rouge (France):

    Fandango (Ukraine)

    Sborishte na trubaduri [Gathering of Troubadours] (Bulgaria)

    Jasubeg en Jered (Slovenia):

    Fénix (Portugal):


    Honorary Awards

    Valeriy Shevchuk (Ukraine)

    Roland C. Wagner (France): In memorium – (1960-2012)

    Harry Harrison (UK): In memorium

    Jacques Goimard (France): In memorium – (1934-2012)

    Boris Strugatsky (Russia): In memorium

    Lyuben Dilov (Bulgaria): In memorium


    Grand Master – Proposals

    Terry Pratchett (UK)

    H.W. Franke (Austria):

    H.W. Franke, an Austrian author who is one of the most important SF-authors in German language. His works were translated in different languages.


    Cornel Robu (Romania): Magister Robu has written the most influential text coming from Romania over SF understanding, The Sublime: A key for Science Fiction, in 1988. Since then his theoretical and historical work on world and Romanian science fiction has filled several volumes and is one of the main references for Romanian academics studying the genre.

    Jean-Pierre Andrevon (France)


    Encouragement Awards

    Austria: Our nomination goes to the young author and anthologist Stefan Cernohuby for the first steampunk anthology in German language. It was republished just lately (in March) in a revised version and with a new cover -, that proves that the idea really reached its readers.


    Romania: IOANA VISAN. Ioana has had her first volume published since the last Eurocon and hers is the most “sf” out of a strong debute wave (with Narcisa Stoica and Raluca Baceanu paying more attention to fantasy and horror than the “science” core.)

    Russia: Alexandra Davydova (author)

    Slovakia: Livia Hlavackova

    She entered the Slovak fantasy scene by winning the literary competition “The best fantasy”, thus becoming the youngest  /Slovak Lady fantasy/ . She won the prestigious Slovak competition “Fantazia Award” and a few years later became one of the members of the committee of the said competition. She regularly attends       various conventions, where she is known for her interesting medical presentations. So far she published several short stories and is currently preparing a novel, which will be published within one year.

    Georgia: Boris Georgiev

    Czech: Julie Nováková

    Ukraine: Oleg Silin (new author)

    Communications from:
    Sweden, Austria, Romania, Hungary, Russia, France, Croatia, Georgia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Spain, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Portugal


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