Eastern European Science Fiction and Fantasy

    Bloggers’ Grand Challenge (between 15th of November 2012 to 15th of April 2013) launched by the Russkaya Fantastika Blog and Traqueur Stellaire Blog (France)

    An excellent initiative of Patrice & Viktoriya Lajoye (Russkaya Fantastika Blog) and Guillaume Calu (Traqueur Stellaire Blog), that deserves to be known and supported all over Europe, the Eastern European Science Fiction and Fantasy: Bloggers’ Grand Challenge its proposing the exploration of the science fiction and fantasy form the „other Europe”, a region that produced worldwide relevant writers as Stanislaw Lem, Karel Capek, Arkadi&Boris Strugatski, Serguey Lukianenko, Vladimir Sorokin, Viktor Pelevin, Marina & Serguey Diachenko, Andrzej Sapkowski and talented writers that are deserving to be read as Henry Lion Oldie, Vladimir Savchenko (Ukraine), Dmitri Glukhovski (Russia), Konrad Fialkowski, Henryk Kurta, Andrzej Wojcik, Andrzej Krzepkowski (Poland), Vladimir Colin, Sergiu Fărcășan, Mircea Opriță, Ovid S.Crohmălniceanu (Romania), Ferenc Karinthy, Tibor Fonyodi, Brandon Hackett (Hungary), Josef Nesvadba, Jaroslav Veis, Zdeněk Volný, Ondřej Neff (Czech Republic), Predrag Raos , Aleksandar Žiljak, Ivan Gavran (Croatia), Zoran Zivkovic (Serbia), Lyuben Dilov, Pavel Vezhinov, Khristo Poshtakov, Nikola Kesarovski, (Bulgaria), Thanas Qerama (Albania), etc.

    Despite the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the communist states of Eastern Europe, the popular literature of these countries are still poorly known in Western Europe in general and France in particular and a fortiori science fiction and fantasy. Hence the idea that we had to bring together our two blogs, Traqueur Stellaire (Star Tracker) and Russkaya Fantastika (Russian Fantastika), to launch a reading challenge devoted to the literature of the Eastern Europe.

    Register on one or the other blog, and read as much as you can. Do not be fooled by the few authors present in the specialized publishers’current catalogs : it’s not the translated works that are missing even if we know where to look. Albania, Belarus, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine: all these countries have things to say and all of them they have literatures worth a visit. The reading challenge runs from 15 November 2012 to 15 April 2013. But it will not be the only event ! The Challenge will be punctuated by various small events (quizzes and contests) which will be offered during the same period. Do not hesitate to join us, to the Eastern stars destination !” – Patrice & Viktoriya Lajoye and Guillaume Calu

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