Dutch author Thomas Olde Heuvelt wins Hugo Award

    hugo logo 2014Thomas Olde Heuvelt was nominated for the Hugos for the third time with his novelette ‘The Day The World Turned Upside Down’. This time he managed to lay hands on the prestigious award. The story was published in 2014 in issue 47 of Lightspeed Magazine. In 2012 he won the Dutch Harland Award with the story, originally titled ‘De Vis In De Fles’ (The Fish In The Bottle). Thomas Olde HeuveltAs far as I know this is the very first time a Dutch writer wins a Hugo Award. Maybe this success will result in more attention in the English-speaking world for Dutch authors. For Thomas himself the Hugo Award could mean a very nice headstart for his upcoming novel ‘HEX’, which is scheduled for worldwide release in 2016. On the top photo you see Thomas receiving the good news at 5 am local time. What a way to start the day for an author.


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