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DSFP, the German SF-award: The winners 2014!



The Deutscher Science Fiction Preis (=DSFP) is an annual science-fiction award for the best short story and the best novel written in German language. Each winner is going to get a prize of 1000 Euro cash, sponsored by the SFCD, Germany´s largest science-fiction club. The awarding ceremony this year will be at the SchlossCon in Schwerin, Germany.

There are two categories: For the best short story and for the best novel, published for the first the previous year.


The winner of the best novel is Wolfgang Jeschke with Dschiheads. (The title is an artificial word, referring to the fact that any sort of “holy war” starts in our heads.) But well, this is not a big surprise. Jeschke is certainly a grand master in this genre, also well known as an editor.

And if such a person writes a novel on the controversial topic of religion,setting place on a strange planet, this is certainly nothing that can be easily ignored in fandom!

The category of the short story is totally equal to the novel, and the winner will get 1000 Euro as well. This is special, as short stories do usually not have a high reputation among German readers. Please also note that in fact a lot prosaic texts that are called short stories are in fact novellas.


But however, the winner in this category is Axel Kruse with Seitwärts in die Zeit (probably something like “Sideways in Time”, but sorry, I am not a translator). It had been published in a story collection with the same title.

Congratultaions to the winners and to all who have been nominated! You can check out the nominations HERE.


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Nina Horvath has studied at the University of Vienna. Her mother tongue is German. She is a keen author of short stories and published over two dozens in zines and anthologies. Her favourite genre is science-fiction. She had also been editor of the short story collections "Die Schattenuhr", "Metamorphosen - Auf den Spuren H.P. Lovecrafts" and "Darwins Schildkröte". In 2012 she won the awards "Vincent Preis" for the best horror anthology and the "Deutscher Phantastik Preis" for the best fantastic short story. (This one was also 3rd at the "DSFP" for the best science-fiction story.)


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