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“Dreams From Beyond” – Anthology of Czech Speculative Fiction


Dreams From Beyond” is an anthology of Czech speculative fiction freely available in English, edited for Eurocon 2016 (November 4-6, Barcelona), edited by talented Czech SF writer Julie Nováková.

The anthology is free to share for all readers interested in world speculative literature.

Showcasing some of the best current Czech SF authors, “Dreams From Beyond” will take you from the stellar pastures of long-gone mythical creatures through warring future cities and strange alien worlds to the mysteries within ourselves.

List of authors (in the order of appearance):

Pavel Renčín, Petra Slováková, Jaroslav Mostecký, Jan Kotouč, Jaroslav Veis, Tomáš Petrásek, Julie Novakova, Vilma Kadlečková, Lucie Lukacovicova, Hanuš Seiner

Edited by Julie Nováková.”

Julie Nováková writes that the speculative fiction from her country “has always extended its dream far beyond our everyday world.” It peers into “the deepest abysses, farthest reaches of the universe, and most distant corners of the mind, be it human, alien or robotic.” – Strange Horizons

Download it for free on Julie’s site, enjoy it and kindly share your opinions !


Julie Nováková (born in 1991) is an award-winning Czech author of science fiction and detective stories.

She published seven novels, one anthology and over thirty stories in Czech.

She started publishing short stories in English in 2013 and her work has appeared in Asimov’s, Clarkesworld and other magazines and anthologies.
Some of her works have been translated into Chinese, Romanian and Estonian.

She’s also active in science outreach and education, nonfiction writing and translation.
She is currently a PhD student of evolutionary biology at the Charles University in Prague.

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