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Dracula in Milan: A Glimpse Into the Vampire’s World

Italy: from November 23rd, 2012 to March 24th, 2013 the “Triennale di Milano” presents “Dracula and the Vampires Mith”, exhibition dedicated to one of the most long-lived and fascinating legends.
“Dracula and the Vampires Mith” features approximately 100 works: paintings, engravings, drawings, documents, historical objects, stage costumes and videos.
The exhibition was created, produced and organized by Alef-Cultural Project Management in partnership with La “Triennale di Milano” in collaboration with the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna: it faces and investigates the vampire’s figure starting from the historical to the literary transfiguration, up to the film adaptation and, finally, to the sociological implications of the myth of Dracula.
infos: Alef – cultural project management: +39 02 45496874
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