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“Cymera”, Scotland’s first Festival of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Writing


Cymera, “Scotland’s first Festival of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Writing,” will take place June 7-9, 2019 at The Pleasance in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Weekend pass prices start at £65 (72.70 Euro/73.99 USD) and are available through the festival’s crowdfunding campaign, which runs until the end of January 2019.

Tickets to individual events will be available March 1, 2019.

Full programming will be announced in February 2019.

Confirmed authors include Cassandra Khaw, Ken MacLeod, Claire McFall, Samantha Shannon, and Charles Stross.

The festival was founded by Ann Landmann in partnership with Glasgow University and Edinburgh Napier University.


The Pleasance is a theatre, bar, sports and recreation complex in Edinburgh, Scotland, situated on a street of the same name.

It is owned by the University of Edinburgh, and for nine months of the year it serves the Edinburgh University Students’ Association as a societies centre, sports complex, student union bar and entertainment venue.

Every August, it is converted into one of the main venues for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the purpose for which it is most popularly known.

The Pleasance Theatre Trust operate the venue during this time, and in this guise the complex is sometimes referred to as Pleasance Edinburgh to distinguish it from a sister venue, also called The Pleasance, that the trust opened in Islington in London in 1995.

Essential Scottish Science Fiction

Scotland has produced a diverse range of fiction to add to the global SF weave. Try some of these works as an essential introduction to new worlds and speculations on Scotland’s future.

Scottish science fiction has blossomed in the work of authors such as Alasdair Gray, Iain (M.) Banks, Ken MacLeod, Charles Stross, etc.


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