CounterClock #14: English e-zine about German fandom

    German science fiction-fandom has a history of
    feuds and quarrel. Not so much around the pub
    table, nor do German fans quarrel a lot with
    foreigners, but when it comes to their hobby and
    when they are supposed to agree on how an
    organization should be run, they can become bitter


    This is how the editor, Wolf von Witting, starts this critical issue of CounterClock. Finally it ends up with a version of an united European fandom.



    CounterClock is mostly about European science fiction-fandom, its history and future, sf-conventions, the art of writing and fantastic film.
    The ambition is to be quarterly regular, and steadily improving. Reports from conventions all over Europe, historical accounts and letters of comment are more than welcome.

    You can download all isssues here:


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