“Coś na progu” (The Thing on the Doorstep) – a new Polish weird fiction magazine

    Polish fantastic magazines market is difficult now. Many journals were closed recently. Only the oldest “(Nowa) Fantastyka” has survived. But, to be precise, the title survived – content and readers have changed during over 30 years.  “Coś na progu” takes a risk then. Hope they will succeed. It’s the 8th issue already, circa 140 pages per issue, so there is a solid basis. They define themselves as “fantastika, crime, weird and horror” fiction magazine. Wide, but is it safe? They are not affraid of classics – Lovecraft, Burroughs – perhaps because it’s free to be not afraid…, but a well amount of fresh (well balanced – Polish and foreign authors) stuff is also here. Well done!



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