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Ciencia Ficción : Spanish SF News by Ricardo Manzanaro (Spain)


2014 Ignotus Award Nominees

After first ballot votes, 2014 Ignotus nominees – the Spanish Hugos – have been announced.

Spanish Novel finalists are:

“Esta noche arderá el cielo”, Emilio Bueso

“Gente muerta”, J.G. Mesa

“La canción secreta del mundo”, José Antonio Cotrina

“Los nombres muertos” , Jesús Cañadas

“Memoria de tinieblas”, Eduardo Vaquerizo

 Foreign Novel finalists are:

“2312”, Kim Stanley Robinson

“Evolutionary Void”, Peter F. Hamilton

“Embassytown”, China Mieville

“House of leaves”, Mark Z. Danielewski

“The quantum thief”, Mannu Rajaniemi

“The shining girls”, Lauren Beukes

“Red Country”, Joe Abercrombie


Detective, de Rodolfo Martínez (Sportula)

En el filo, de Ramón Muñoz (en Terra Nova Vol. 2. Fantascy)

La montaña, de Juan González Mesa (Bizarro)

La penúltima danza del Griwll, de Ramón Merino Collado (De monstruos y Trincheras. Juan José Aroz, Espiral)

Rafentshalf, de Jesús Fernández Lozano (en Reyes de aire y agua. Cápside)

 Spanish Short Story

“Dariya” (Dariya) by Nieves Delgado (from “Ellos son el future” / Web Ficción Científica / Revista Terbi nº 7)

“El aeropuerto del fin del mundo” (The Airport at the End of the World) by Tamara Romero (from “Visiones 2012” / AEFCFT)

“El enemigo en casa” (The Enemy Within) by Concepción Regueiro (from “Historias del Crazy Bar” / Stonewall)

“Mecaderes de tiempo” (Time Traders) by Victor Conde (Sportula)

“La última huella” (The Last Footprint) by Miguel Santander (from “La costilla de Dios” / Libralia / Revista TerBi nº 6)

“Los orcos no comen golosinas” (The Orcs Don’t Eat Sweets) by Carlos López Hernando (from “Visiones 2012” / AEFCFT)

“Wendy de los gatos” (Wendy of the Cats) by Jesús Fernández Lozano (from “Reyes de aire y agua” / Cápside)

 Foreign Short Story finalists are:

“26 monkeys, also the abyss”, Kij Johnson

“Spider, the artist”, Nnedi Okorafor

“The man who ended History”, Ken Liu

“Her husband´s hands”, Adam- Troy Castro

“Scattered along the Rivers of Heaven”, Aliette de Bodard

“Impossible dreams”, Tim Pratt

Complete list of finalists : http://www.aefcft.com/nominados-ignotus-2014/


TerBi Fanzine

TerBi fanzine number 9 is available (TerBi – Basque SF, Fantasy and Terror Association). It´s about “IV Themed Story TerBi Contest”. Current issue short stories are about “Capitalism end. New economic pattern”. You can read the winning short story – “El comienzo de algo grande” (Beginning something great), written by Marco Aurelio Granado Martínez, and the three finalists stories. Download issue no.9 : http://terbicf.blogspot.com.es/


Valinor Magazine

Valinor is a new monthly magazine, which first issue was published in April. In Valinor you can read SF and fantastic short tories, essays, news, reviews and more.


26th Alberto Magno Science Fiction Literature Contest

The Science and Technology Basque Country University has announced it’s 26th SF literature contest, the oldest in Spain. Deadline to submit stories, Spanish or Euskera – Basque language -, will be by the 3rd November. The winner will receive 2.000 euros, and  the 2nd prize consists in the amount of 1.000 euros. Contest’s official rules : http://www.ehu.es/es/web/ztf-fct/certamen-literario-alberto-magn


Ricardo Manzanaro

Ricardo Manzanaro Arana, a medical doctor and an university professor, is the President of the TerBi Asociación Vasca de CF Fantasía y Terror (TerBi Basque Association of Fantasy & Horror) from Bilbao, Spain. Ricardo has published over forty stories in various media and he’s a contributor to EUROPA SF and Amazing Stories.

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