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How “Rover” Came to Be

by A.T. Sayre   “Rover” [on sale now] is the very first story of mine to be published in a professional-level magazine. I have had

To Be or Not to Be—Arrogant

by Catherine Wells   I think we are all born arrogant. As children, once we have mastered a skill or a knowledge set, we believe

Q&A with Douglas F. Dluzen

DouglsF. Dluzen cites human cleverness’s tendency to run unchecked as the inspiration for his story in our 90th anniversary issue [on sale now]. He took

1942 and the Power of Names

by A.J. Ward   Analog is celebrating its 90th year of publication, an Astounding (sorry) achievement. Analog has invited me as a contributor to the 90th anniversary