“Castles in Spain” Bilingual Anthology Crowdfunding Campaign – Mariano Villareal and Sue Burke

    Castles in Spain/Castillos en el aire” is planned to be an anthology of the stories that set the pace for science fiction, fantasy, and horror in Spain, a Spanish-English bilingual anthology of five to ten of the most emblematic tales from Spain – your chance to read the best of Spain’s richness and diversity.

    Castles in Spain will appeal to readers, authors, translators, bilingual readers – and especially to language learners. They will get a wonderful opportunity to augment their studies with quality, professionally translated stories that will expand not just their vocabularies but their sense of wonder. Ten stories will amount to 200,000 words in Spanish and English.

    All ebooks will be provided in DRM-free epub and mobi/Kindle formats. The books will be published by SportulaThis exceptional, bilingual work will include both the translations and the original stories :

    Spanish science fiction, fantasy, and horror is little-known in the wider world, but interest in international literature is growing. We want to bring English-speaking readers a delicious taste of the best short work published recently in Spain, a goal sparked by the 2016 EuroCon, which will be held in Barcelona.


    Mariano Villareal, Sue Burke

    We want to bring an anthology of the stories that have served as milestones in Spain to English-language readers, but we need a little help to pay for the translation.

    To do that, we’re going to hold an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. (Kickstarter is only for US-based projects.) You can see a preview here:

    This campaign will go live on January 19th 2015.

    “La estrella” (The Star) by Elia Barcelóa short science fiction story from 1991, the first to win the Ignotus Award, the Spanish equivalent to the Hugo.

    “El rebaño” (The Flock) by César Mallorquí, a post-apocalyptic novelette written in 1993.

    “El Bosque de hielo” (The Ice Forest) by Juan Miguel Aguilera. This hard science fiction novelette won the 1995 Alberto Magno Award and the 1997 Ignotus Award.

    “Mi esposa, mi hija” (My Wife, My Daughter) by Domingo Santos, a science fiction novelette about clones that won the Ignotus Award in 1998.

    “Mensajero de dios” (God’s Messenger) by Rodolfo Martínez, a 1997 cyberpunk story from his Drímar series.

    “En las fraguas marcianas” (In the Martian Forges) by León Arsenal, a science fiction story that pays tribute to The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury. It won the 1998 Pablo Rido Award and the 2000 Ignotus Award.

    “La canica en la palmera,” (The Marble in the Palm Tree) by Rafael Marín, a fantasy story that won the 2001 Ignotus Award.

    “La nave de los albatros” (The Albatros Ship) by Félix J. Palma, a tale of fantasy and horror written in 2002.

    “The Sword of Fire” by Javier Negrete, a prelude written especially for this anthology to the 2003 novel of the same name.

    “Víctima y verdugo” (Victim and Executioner) by Eduardo Vaquerizo, a 2006 alternate history novelette.

    The anthology will also include a prologue and story introductions by Mariano Villarreal.

    Mariano Villarreal will edit the anthology and manages the website Literatura Fantástica, dedicated to information and reviews of the latest in fantasy, science fiction, and horror in Spain. Born in Barakaldo, Spain, in 1967, he has published articles and reviews, and is responsible for several anthologies, especially the award-winning Terra Nova series.

    Terra Nova: An Anthology of Contemporary Science Fiction. Stories by Lola Robles, Erick J. Mota, Víctor Conde, Juanfran Jiménez, and Teresa P. Mira de Echeverría translated from Spanish to English. You can read 25% free at Smashwords, and purchase it there or at Amazon or Sportula.


    Terra Nova. Spanish edition. Stories translated into Spanish by Ted Chiang, Ian Watson, Ken Liu, and original stories by Lola Robles, Erick J. Mota, Víctor Conde, Juanfran Jiménez, and Teresa P. Mira de Echeverría.

    Terra Nova II. Spanish edition. Stories translated into Spanish by Aliette de Bodard, Adam-Troy Castro, Nnedi Okorafor, Greg Egan, Livie Tidhar, and Ken Liu, and original stories by Felicidad Martínez, Germán Amatto, Carlos Gardini, Pedro Andreu, and Ramón Muñoz.

    Terra Nova III. Spanish edition. Stories translated into Spanish by Paul J. McAuley, China Miéville, Paolo Bacigalupi, Ken Liu, and Liu Cixin, and original stories by Eduardo Vaquerizo, Miguel Santander, Sofía Rhei, Emilio Bueso, Jorge Baradit, and Ricardo Montesinos.


    Sue Burke will lead the translation team. Born in Milwaukee, USA in 1955, she has lived in Spain since 2000. She has published more than thirty short stories in English, one in Spanish, and has a couple of novels looking for publishers. Her translation of the novel Prodigies by Angélica Gorodischer will be published in 2015 by Small Beer Press. She is also translating the Spanish medieval novel Amadis of Gaul as a blog. She’s a member of SFWA; the American Translators Association; the Spanish Association for Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror; and holds a masters-level diploma in translation from the Chartered Institute of Linguists.


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