Call for Participation in (working title) “Planet Europa” SF Story Collection

Dear European SF Writers:

Things are not as cheery as we might like in E. – W. relations in Europe and my close friend Forry Ackerman is no longer around to be a role model and goodwill ambassador, so I am writing to you now.

Call For Participation for SF writers from E., W., N., and S., Europe for a brand, spankin’ new English-in-Translation European SF story collection

We wish to include lesser-represented parts of Europe, especially.  We tend to science fiction or ‘speculative fiction’ as a more general term, rather than genre fantasy or horror.

Our European “idea man” Cristian Tamas has suggested I get down to some specifics, so here are the Q&A about our proposed text:

What are the other conditions concerning the project of (working title) “Planet Europa” ?

It’s a non-profit project ?

It is non-profit.  If a book is put out by a smaller press like McFarland, there  are no royalties except a few dollars that trickle in over the first year or so.  Copies sell in the tens, not tens of thousands.

The contributions will be paid ?

Just in copies of the text if we use a small-to-medium publisher like McFarland.

Authors’ rights ?

I think that McFarland keeps the rights until the edition is out of print, which happens after a couple years.

I will write our series editor Don Palumbo ( for the critical essay collection Orbiting Ray Bradbury’s Mars) for confirmation of their conditions.McFarland is a publisher where we have a good chance.  I find any big publishers are will to take the book, then contributors might get paid.

Deadline ?

None until we have a publisher.  But start now if anyone is translating a previously written story into English.  Do not wait for our landing the publisher.

Editor’s e-mail address ?

Gloria McMillan : glomc[at]dakotacom[dot]net

Only texts translated into English ?

English texts make this easier because I can’t do translations from all the languages and good translators are expensive.

Reprints or just non-published works ?

We can use any story that has been published in another language than English, but just not if it has already been published in English.  I think the best we can do is to give European SF writers a chance at exposure in English.

Dimension of the texts ? How many words or signs ?

I would set a rough limit at 8,000 words.

Manuscript guidelines ?

8000 words is about 20 pp. 12 pt. Times New Roman font.  Use a Word .doc file or an .rtf file.  Single-spaced is fine.

Short author’s bio ?

Just a few sentences would be wonderful for readers to have.

Author’s picture ?

If authors are comfortable with sending a photo, that is a way to get to know them, as well.


May the Good Universal Vibes be with us,

Gloria McMillan, Ph.D. Research Associate, Dept. of English, University of Arizona, U.S.A.

Editor, Orbiting Ray Bradbury’s Mars: Biographical, Anthropological, Literary, Scientific and Other Perspectives (Critical Explorations in Science Fiction and Fantasy),  McFarland Pub., 2013.

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  1. The project sounds interesting, however, I’m afraid that the prospect of not getting paid, especially for translated stories, and presumably a small number of printed copies can discourage a lot of writers. I need not to remind anyone that translation costs are high, unless the translator does the work for free, which is unfeasible for many skilled professional translators. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this project and hope it receives as much attention as possible when it’s published but I can’t stop wondering whether it might be a better idea to run a Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign to try to fund it and actually pay the contributors at least a semi-pro rate. It might hopefully draw more works to choose from, perhaps better works too, and presumably also more attention. But anyway, good luck with Planet Europa!

  2. Hi, Julie!

    Thanks for making a comment. I hope to get at least a medium-sized publisher and perhaps some payment may come to contributing writers. In any case, this is exposure to US writers and editors, so that may count for some Good Publishing Karma. 🙂

    I promise to update you here as soon as we land a publisher so check here every so often.

    Thanks again.

    Rado se stalo, Julie.


  3. I need to reply to Daniel, as well. This time I am just having European writers. Well, one exception is New York-based writer/SF critic Marleen Barr who has written a science fiction story just for this collection that she tells me deals in some fashion with Joan Rivers and the Yiddish language. I thought that over and decided that Yiddish should be represented since it is so woven into Europe. איר קיינמאָל וויסן וואָס איז געגאנגען צו ווענדן זיך. (You never know what is going to turn up.) Watch these pages, Daniel, and I am sure something will come through for you in Argentina.

  4. Hello,
    this Sci-fi European project sounds very good and I’ll try to participate.
    However, I have a huge word ahead as my novella is still in French. I intend to translate it myself, which would be exciting but I dare to think a little bit tiresome!
    Therefore I hope you will find a plublisher, but please give us some time to work on it. 🙂

  5. Do you accept horor genre stories, or the science fiction settings is mandatory? Im not sure that I understand that part of propositions correctly…

    Thank you

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