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Bulgarian Speculative Fiction in the USA – Valentin Ivanov


Recently, two stories by Bulgarian speculative fiction writers appeared in major US science fiction and fantasy magazines.

Harry Markov

Harry Markov

The last issue of the Hugo award winning magazine Electric Velocipede  featured a story, “The Fungi That Talk Softly” by Harry Markov .

Yancho Cholakov

Yancho Cholakov

The story “Asked the Soldier, “Who Called Me ?””, written by Yancho Cholakov, a writer from Burgas, appeared in the Nameless Digest, No 3. It was translated by Kalin M. Nenov from the Human Library foundation . The magazine is available on Amazon.com

Harry Markov is a writer, reviewer and columnist with a predominant interest in the weird, the fantastic and the horrifying. His non-fiction has appeared in Innsmouth Free Press, Beyond Victoriana, The Portal, Pornokitsch and The World SF Blog. Most recently he has become an assistant to US publicist Jaym Gates. He is the assistant editor at the Horror podcast Tales to Terrify. You can follow @HarryMarkov on Twitter.
Harry Markov’s blog : The Alternative Typewriter

Yancho Cholakov is born in the seaside town of Burgas in 1967. He earned many Bulgarian SF awards. In the first years after falling of Berlin wall he had founded “Ofir” (1993-2001): one of the first Bulgarian SF publishing houses. The writings of Cholakov are marked with extraordinary style and allegoric constructivism, but not just as abstract games. His worlds, though an exotic and colorful, are close to everyday details familiar to everyone. At the same time they are full packed with visions for past and future worlds.


Have a look to the Bulgarian Science Fiction’s monograph from the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction :  http://www.sf-encyclopedia.com/entry/bulgaria

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