“Blade Runner 2049” – Early Rhapsodic Reviews!

    ‘Blade Runner 2049’a gigantic spectacle of pure hallucinatory craziness! ‘Blade Runner 2049’ is a narcotic spectacle of eerie and pitiless vastness, by turns satirical, tragic and romantic.” – The Guardian

    “When “Blade Runner” premiered in 1982, Harrison Ford disparagingly quipped,

    “It’s a film about a dilemma.
    The dilemma is whether you can have a meaningful relationship with your toaster”.

    The story, adapted from Philip K. Dick’s “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” was set in Los Angeles, 2019. :))

    Millions have migrated to off-world colonies, the spacious glories of which are incessantly touted by blimpy flying billboards. Genetically engineered humans known as replicants have been created as slave labor for the planet colonies. But these replicants (with a life span of four years) have been causing revolts and are now forbidden on Earth. [WOW ! Just one year ahead of these wonders !!!:))]

    In his view, the 2019 City of Angels has become a ghoulish circus of towering, pyramid-like buildings, flying cars, space stations and a constant barrage of TV commercial hype writhing on the sides of monstrous buildings and from blimps endlessly careening through an air that’s dense with searchlights, smoke, smog and dust. Rain is a constant.

    At ground level, streets are crowded with bodies, and much of the city has become Oriental. Bright neons entice. Steam billows from all compass points. Underneath all is a constant sense of claustrophobia, hopelessness and terror. (It is some comfort that the downtown Million Dollar theatre seems to still be playing Spanish films in 2019, and Hare Krishna members are still out there parading the streets in their yellow sheets.)”

    Blade Runner 2049” is an upcoming American neo-noir science fiction film directed by the canadian film director Denis Villeneuve and written by the americans Hampton Fancher and Michael Green.

    A sequel to “Blade Runner” (1982), it stars the canadian Ryan Gosling (K) and the american Harrison Ford, who reprises his role as Rick Deckard, with cuban Ana de Armas (Joi), dutch Sylvia Hoeks (Luv), american Robin Wright (Lieutenant Joshi), canadian Mackenzie Davis (Mariette), swiss Carla Juri (Dr. Ana Stelline), british Lennie James (Mister Cotton), american Dave Bautista (Sapper Morton) and american Jared Leto (Niander Wallace) in supporting roles.

    Are the film reviews just advertising ? Just promotional tools ?
    Shall we believe the reviewers ? In some cases, yes, we should rely on them. If they are honest, cultured and professional.

    “Admittedly, it’s a film that will turn off many, but it will also bulge eyeballs and cause talk. And since talk sells tickets, the Ladd Company release, made in association with Sir Run Run Shaw and going out via Warner Bros., can hardly avoid making a marketable impression.”

    Anyway the best way is not to take anything for granted and see the film and to judge it according with our intellectual level, culture, discernment and insight…

    The brilliance of ‘Blade Runner 2049’ is that it makes the questions worth asking, positioning them in a menacing universe that’s nevertheless a joy to revisit.” – IndieWire

    While this might be a bold statement to make, I do believe that ‘Blade Runner 2049’ is better than the original.” – We Live Entertainment

    A meticulously made visual wonder that should put any other filmmaker dabbling in SF futurism on notice.” – Dave Schilling/Birth.Movies.Death

    A smart and visually stunning sequel will still be poured over by fans for years to come. If this was a poisoned chalice, Villeneuve has grabbed it with both hands.” – Daily Star

    Blade Runner 2049” received acclaim from critics, who praised the visuals and cinematography, direction, narrative, acting, sound design and music, with many regarding it as one of the greatest sequels of all time.


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