Best European Fiction Anthologies 2017 & 2018

Against a narcotic culture whose primary desire is stupefaction.” – Rainer J. Hanshe

Best European Fiction is an annual anthology of European short stories published by Dalkey Archive Press (Champaign, Illinois, USA) since 2010.

The first four editions were edited by the American novelist of Bosnian origin Aleksandar Hemon, whilst the 2014 anthology was edited by the Slovenian writer Drago Jančar.

The 2015 volume was edited by West Camel, and both the 2016 and 2017 editions were edited by Nathaniel Davis. The 2018 volume is edited by Alex Andriesse.

Some of the contributors have never before been translated into English, although they have been writing in their own languages for decades

Since its inaugural appearance in 2010, Best European Fiction has become an essential resource for readers, critics, and publishers interested in contemporary European literature.

And of course, for all Europeans interested to find out that there are in Europe other cultures and literatures !

In this, the ninth installment of the series, the anthology continues its commitment to bringing together some of the most exciting prose writing in Europe today.

Best European Fiction 2018 is a compendium of stories by both established writers and newcomers, ranging from Ireland to Eastern Europe, ripe for the discovery of curious readers around the world.

Best European Fiction 2018, Edited by Alex Andriesse

Best European Fiction 2018 features stories in translation from, deep breath now: Ireland, Iceland, Macedonia, Netherlands, Italy, Luxembourg, Lithuania, France, Slovenia, Serbia, Spain, Russia, Portugal, Poland, UK, Switzerland, Estonia, Armenia, Albania, Belgium, Belarus, Bulgaria, Hungary, Finland and Denmark.

Alex Andriesse is a writer, a translator, and an associate editor at Dalkey Archive Press. His writings have appeared in Reading in Translation, Prodigal, The Short Story Project, and the Battersea Review. His translation of François-René de Chateaubriand’s Memoirs from Beyond the Grave will be published by New York Review Books in 2017. He lives in Western Massachusetts, USA.

Best European Fiction 2017, Edited by Nathaniel Davis

The eighth installment of the series, the anthology continues its commitment to uncovering the best prose writing happening across the continent from Ireland to Eastern Europe. Also featuring an erudite prefatory essay written by Eileen Battersby of the Irish Times, Best European Fiction 2017 is another essential report on the state of global literature in the twenty-first century.

Born in California, Eileen Battersby is a graduate of University College Dublin. An Irish Times staff arts journalist and literary reviewer, she has won the National Arts Journalist of the Year award four times and was National Critic of the Year in 2012. “Second Readings: From Beckett to Black Beauty” was published in 2009. “Ordinary Dogs – A Story of Two Lives” was published by Faber in 2011. “Teethmarks on My Tongue”, her first novel, is published by Dalkey Archive.

Nathaniel Davis is a freelance editor living in Paris. He is also a translator and holds a PhD in comparative literature from the University of Pennsylvania.

Best European Fiction 2017: Table of Contents

Preface / Eileen Battersby
Austria: from Johnny and Jean / Teresa Präauer
Belgium: Two Writers / Stéphane Lambert
Bulgaria : from A as in Anything / Iana Boukova
Croatia: from Last Night / Sven Popovic
Czech Republic: Lion Cubs / Jiří Hájíček
Denmark: Postcard to Annie / Ida Jessen
Finland: from Destruction of the Liquor Store in Nuorgam / Mikko-Pekka Heikkinen
France: from Stand-By-the-Hour / Gauz
Germany: Chafer / Ann Cotton
Greece: Untrodden / Elena Penga
Hungary: Confectionery 1952 / Zsuzsa Selyem
Ireland: Duran / Daithí Ó Muirí
Italy: from Hunger of Women / Marosia Castaldi
Latvia: from Taste of Lead / Māris Bērzinš
Liechtenstein: Moondust / Jonathan Huston
Lithuania: Opium / Undinė Radzevičiūtė
Macedonia: Beba / Snežana Mladenovska Angjelkov
Netherlands: Comfort of Sorts / Philip Huff
Norway: Surrounded / Mikkel Bugge
Poland: from Not as in Paradise / Agnieszka Taborska
Portugal: Commander’s Endless Night / David Machado
Romania: Haritina / Ruxandra Cesereanu
Russia: Bad Town / Liza Alexandrova-Zorina
Serbia: from Molecules / Ivan Tokin
Slovenia: Think of Me in the Good Times / Maja Gal Štromar
Spain: Two Stories / Karmele Jaio
Spain: Don’t Ask for Gagarin / Carlos Robles Lucena
Switzerland: Death by Laughter / Giovanni Orelli
Wales: Everyone’s the Same Inside / Wayne Price

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