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Barcelona’s ”Asimov Operation” – Ricardo Manzanaro


Operation Asimov: Science Fiction in Barcelona’s libraries

The objective: Creation of a science fiction bibliographic fund from donations from individuals and entities.

La Fundación Asimov (Asimov Foundation), in collaboration with Libraries of Barcelona, ​​launched the Asimov Operation project, consisting of the selection, collection and donation of a bibliographic fund of science fiction works destined for the Montserrat Abelló Library.

The book donation campaign started on October 28th 2019. Operation Asimov culminated in January 2020, coinciding with the centenary of the birth of the American scientist and writer Isaac Asimov, author of hundreds of titles, especially science and science fiction.

With the objective that the titles are representative enough, La Fundación Asimov (Asimov Foundation) has prepared a list of 500 science fiction titles, to serve as a guide and frame of reference for donors. During the initiative, this list, which does not want to be exhaustive at all, will be available to the public and will reflect the books achieved.

For the process of donating titles and to answer any questions or queries related to Operation Asimov you can contact the Foundation at the email address : operacionasimov |AT| fundacionasimov





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