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Austrian Film Director Michael Haneke : 10-part SF TV series


The worldwide famous Austrian Film Director Michael Haneke confirms that he is working on “Kelvin’s Book“, an English language SF drama.

Michael Haneke has become the latest high-profile film director to turn his hand to the small screen after revealing he is working on a 10-part English language SF TV series.

The Austrian director, who won the Palme d’Or at Cannes and best foreign language Oscar in 2012 for his film “Amour”, confirmed he is working on “Kelvin’s Book“, a dystopian story set in the near future.

Haneke, who is one of contemporary cinema’s most celebrated auteurs and is well known for his unsparingly grim thrillers such as “Funny Games”, “The Piano Teacher” and “Caché”, said the move gave him the opportunity to work in a longer format.”


Kelvin’s Book” is described as a high-concept dystopian drama set in a near future. The 10-part, English-language series will follow a group of young people who are forced to make an emergency landing outside of their home country and, for the first time, are confronted with the true face of their nation.

Kelvin’s Book” is an extraordinarily rich, gripping and ambitious story. With contemporary themes and a reflection of the digital age that we live in, there’s no better time for this project.”


Michael Haneke, ‘Deutschland 83’ Producer Prep Dystopian Series ‘Kelvin’s Book’

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