Anthology of European Speculative Fiction’s Reviews


    The Anthology of European Speculative Fiction, edited by Cristian Tamaş and Roberto Mendes (a cooperation between International Speculative Fiction and Europa SF) had been reviewed in “Strange Horizons”, SF and “The Page of Reviews”.
    The reviews’ authors, Katherine Farmar, Gareth D.Jones, Adam Shaftoe had noticed the necessity and utility of collecting and the launching of an european speculative fiction stories’ collection.

    Katherine Farmar 1

    Katherine Farmar (Strange Horizons) :
    It is encouraging, then, that despite the obstacles, and despite the lack of precedents, Cristian Tamaş and Roberto Mendes have managed to put together an anthology so packed with high-quality fiction of a wide range of styles and genres. If this collection is representative of the state of speculative fiction in Europe, there is every reason to be optimistic, for the other remarkable thing about this anthology is how good it is.

    And so the anthology ends on a high note, with a story so painfully true it brought tears to my eyes. I can honestly say that I laughed and I cried while reading these stories, that I was kept wondering what would come next, that I discovered something new with every story. Some of them resonated more strongly with me than others; some of them excited me more than others; some of them gave me more to think about than others; but they were all good, all interesting, and all enough to make me want more from the authors—or, indeed, from the editors. This is the first anthology of European SF that I’ve come across. I hope it won’t be the last.”


    Gareth D Jones

    Gareth D. Jones (SF :
    So, altogether, an entertaining and enjoyable collection. Interestingly, I was struck by the similarity on style and theme of many of the stories to English-language SF, despite the variety of places their authors come from. I was not startled by ethnic or cultural differences, enchanted by quaint or exotic locations or stumped by unrecognisable names. It seems SF is indeed a European pursuit.”


    Adam Shaftoe 1

    Adam Shaftoe (The Page of Reviews) :
    ”…if the goals of this anthology were to
    A) expose readers to quality content from the European science fiction community
    B) promote ISF Magazine and Europa SF at large, then I would say mission accomplished. The majority of the stories in this anthology are quite good, and a few are absolutely great…
    Overall, the Anthology of European SF is a solid read and a promise of great things to come from its editors and parent publisher.”

    We’re thanking Katherine, Gareth and Adam !

    Anthology of European Speculative Fiction, edited by Cristian Tamaş and Roberto Mendes

    Introduction by Cristian Tamaş and Roberto Mendes

    Ian R. MacLeod (England) – “The Dead Orchards”

    Jetse de Vries (Netherlands) – “Transcendent Express”

    Regina Catarino (Portugal) – “Memory Recall”

    Liviu Radu (Romania) – “Digits are Cold Numbers are Warm”

    Carmelo Rafala (Italy)  –”Repeat Performances”

    Cristian Mihail Teodorescu (Romania) – “Bing Bing Larissa”

    Diana Pinguicha (Portugal) – “Rebellion”

    Hannu Rajaniemi (Filnand) – “The Server and the Dragon”

    Vladimir Arenev (Ukraine) – “The Royal Library”

    Dănuţ Ungureanu – “News from a Dwarf Universe”

    Philip Harris (England) – “Only Friends”

    Aliette de Bodard (France) – “Starsong”

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