Anthology “A Petro et a petra” – Fantastic St. Petersburg (Russia)

    The anthology A Petro et a petra (the title comes from the famous words of Jesus Christ, “You are Peter (Petro) and upon this rock (Petra) I will build my church.”, in this case referring to Peter the Great, the russian Czar that builded Sankt Petersburg – Petrawith the topic “Fantastic St. Petersburg” came out of print just in time for the Eurocon 2015 and was part of the content of the con-bags. The book is bilingual and contains twenty original Russian stories (three of them were also translated into English) and three original English language stories, that had all been translated into Russian. The texts were the result of a competition open for the public, chosen out by a jury. We do hope that all short stories will be translated allowing to the world readers and fans to discover the actual russian speculative fiction.

    The Table of Contents :

    “Spark of Hope” (2009) by Sergey Udalin

    “Nesmeyan (2015) by Svetlana Tulina

    “Saigon” (2011) by Natalia Aniskova

    “Globe” (2015) by Sergey Utkin

    “The Flesh of the Flesh” (2015), written in 2013 by Dmitry Bogutskiy

    “Anya, the City and Cockroaches” (2015) by Julia Eff

    “The Wind from the Gulf” (2015) by Timur Maksyutov

    “A Petro et a petra” (2015) by Ekaterina Vasilyeva

    “City behind the Wall” (2015) by Elena Shchetinina

    “The Monster from the Griboyedov Canal” (2015) by Konstantin Pimeshkov

    “Among the Living” (2015) by Anna Gorelysheva

    “Svyatopetrovskoe Platform” (2015) by  Zvyagin In

    “Lions and Griffins” (2013) by Alexander Shchegolev

    “Artist in the Soul” (2015) by Marina Yasinskaya

    “Martyrology “Solid Facades” (2015) by Arkady Margulis & Vitaly Kaplan

    “And the Stone is the Soul” (2015) by Yury Kuznetsov

    “Chizhik-Pyzhik” (2004) by Alexei Smirnov

    “City of Dreams” (2015) by Nick Burke-Adige

    “Inside Saint Petersburg, Light Years Away” (2015) by Nina Horvath

    “Catchers of Misfortune” (2015) by Andrey Zakrevsky

    Outside the convention, there will only be a very small number of issues available, being a perfect collectible not only for the convention attendants but for all speculative fiction fans !

    A Petro et al petra



    For the written table of content, please CLICK HERE.


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