Anne Charnock’s “Dreams Before the Start of Time” Wins the 2018 Clarke Award

    In a near-future London infertility is a thing of the past, and a man can create a child without a woman, a woman can create a child without a man, and artificial wombs eliminate the struggles of pregnancy. 
    But what does it mean to be a parent? 
    A child? 
    A family?

    Through a series of interconnected vignettes that spans five generations and three continents, this emotionally taut story explores the anxieties that arise when the science of fertility claims to deliver all the answers.

    The winner of the Arthur C. Clarke Award for best science fiction novel published in 2017 has been announced:

    WINNER: “Dreams Before the Start of Time” – Anne Charnock (UK)

    “Sea of Rust” – C. Robert Cargill (US)
    “American War” – Omar El Akkad (US)
    “Spaceman of Bohemia” – Jaroslav Kalfař (US)
    “Gather the Daughters” – Jennie Melamed (US)
    “Borne” – Jeff VanderMeer (US)

    This year’s judges were Charles Christian, Dave Hutchinson, Paul March-Russell, Kari Maund, and Gaie Sebold. Andrew M. Butler served in a non-voting role as chair of the judges. Tom Hunter was awards director.
    The winning title was announced at a public award ceremony, held in partnership with Foyles Bookshop, in London on July 18, 2018.
    Anne Charnock was presented with a check for £2,018 (2.260.39 euros/2651.54 US dollars) and a commemorative engraved bookend.

    Anne Charnock (left) and Nina Allan (right).


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