An Original and Free „French Luxury Industry Commisioned” Science Fiction Anthology : Dreaming/Rêver 2074

    In 2074, artifacturm will be rare and a sign of a certain skill.” – Dreaming 2074

    “A new – unprecedented – anthology of French SF has been released, both in French and English, Rêver 2074/Dreaming 2074  : a collective utopia incarnating the overall vision of French luxury.

    And it’s free (electronic version only :

    The French luxury utopian SF collection of stories is available for free as an Apple iBook, a tablet, e-reader or Amazon Kindle version as well as a desktop PDF.

    You can download it in various formats (ePub 2 and 3, Mobi, pdf) here : or on Amazon, etc. (

    It’s a project of the French luxury industry that decided to explore what the year 2074 could be, and to imagine a possible common utopia.

    It’s a marvelous project, that will be officially presented in New-York the 10th of December 2014 (18.30) at the French Bookstore l’Albertine, 972 Fifth Avenue (between 78th & 79th street). See :

    This is the unparalleled adventure proposed by the cream of French luxury and science fiction.

    Six famous science fiction writers (Samantha Bailly, Jean-Claude Dunyach, Anne Fakhouri, Xavier Mauméjean, Olivier Paquet, Joëlle Wintrebert), one linguist (Alain Rey) and one composer (Roque Rivas) have seized the futuristic dream of luxury firms and nourished it with their imaginations. Put on their heroes’ Nautys to journey through a world where the celebration of the senses and the sharing of emotions will restore your taste for things and beings. And, finally, this future may well dream happily ever after… This work is also available in French.

    7 short stories in the anthology (6 texts and a piece of music):

    Porphyrian Tree  by Xavier Mauméjean

    Amber Queen by Olivier Paquet

    Facets by Samantha Bailly

    – Future Mirages by Roque Rivas (Musical illustration)

    Diamond Anniversary by Jean-Claude Dunyach

    A Corner of Her Mind by Anne Fakhouri)

    The Chimeras’ Gift by Joëlle Wintrebert  ” – Jean-Claude Dunyach via Bruce Sterling’s post “French luxury industry commissions original science fiction anthology“.

    We’re thanking both gentlemen !

    © Comité Colbert


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