“Altri futuri” (Other Futures) The Year’s Best Italian Science Fiction Short Stories

    The best of the 2018 Italian independent science fiction, edited by the Carmine Treanni, director of Delos Science Fiction, the longest continuously online science fiction Italian magazine.

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    You are about to read an anthology that will enter history of science fiction: for the first time The Year’s Best Science Fiction issued in Italy.

    This anthology is continuing a long-standing tradition in English language publishing market, thanks to editors as David G. Hartwell and Gardner Dozois, as well as for Italian readers too. “Altri futuri” includes the best Italian short stories that appeared individually in digital format in magazines, collected works, or anthologies published by independent publishers in 2018.

    Covering all the connotations of speculative fiction, the stories can be considered a state-of-the-art of Italian science fiction.

    Stories by Maddalena Antonini, Sandro Battisti, Giovanni De Matteo, Linda De Santi, Milena Debenedetti, Davide Del Popolo Riolo, Alessandro Fambrini, Alessandro Forlani, Diego Gnesi Bartolani, Lukha B. Kremo, Franco Ricciardiello, Luigi Rinaldi, Giampietro Stocco, Dario Tonani, Nicoletta Vallorani.

    The cover illustration is by Franco Brambilla.

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    The Editor: Carmine Treanni (born in Naples, 1971) is a journalist and essayist. He studied the history and forms of mass culture: from genre literature to comics, to television, collaborating, since 1991, with newspapers, specialized magazines and websites. He published some books and essays on these subjects. Since 2006 he has been the editor of online magazine Delos Science Fiction on the web portal and since 2012 he is the editorial director of Cento Autori/100 Authors publishing house.

    In 2018 he published the essay “Il futuro è  adesso. Il grande libro della fantascienza (Homo Scrivens)” / The Future is Now. The Great Book of Science Fiction and in 2019, “Sulla luna. A 50 anni dallo sbarco, un viaggio tra scienza e fantascienza” / On the Moon. 50 Years from the Landing, a Journey through Science and Science Fiction, for  Cento Autori/100 Authors, a publishing house he has been editorial director since 2012.

    “Altri futuri” (Other Futures): The Year’s Best Science Fiction issued in Italy, 2019

    Editor: Carmine Treanni

    Publisher: Delos Digital

    Series: Odissea Digital Fantascienza

    Length: 256 pages

    Formats: Epub, Kindle

    Ebook: 3.99 €

    Paperback: 16.00€


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