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Albedo One Issue 42


Albedo One Issue 42 (Ireland) is now available to purchase in print and digital format (only pdf, unfortunately).

From Albedo One:

The issue features no less than eight fine stories from our inventory, spanning the speculative fiction genres.

Stories include “Filling the Bowl” by the Lawrence Wilson, “Volwys” by Douglas Thompson, “The Terrorist in My Kitchen” by Todd McCaffrey, “Drith” by Donna Thorland, “Night of Our Red Eye” by David Murphy, “Mr Wobble” by Craig Saunders and “Fish Skins” by Priya Sharma.

Frank Ludlow

Also, you can find a translation (“Ink in Pink” by Jean Michel Calvez, France), an interview with John Meaney (UK), and reviews by Juliet E. McKenna,  Kelvin M. Knight and Peter Loftus.

More to find on Albedo One website.


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