About Europa SF Portal


Europa SF is conceived as an English-language portal of news and information from and for the European fandom, a generic site: https://europasf.eu (on demand will be created specific subdomains for each country/fandom involved − bg.scifiportal.eu, hr.scifiportal.eu, ro.scifiportal.eu, de.scifiportal.eu etc − and each country will manage its own subdomain).

Our central idea is to have a permanent, real-time mirroring of all European SF&F products, events and activities. We hope that all European countries with a SF&F community will become involved in this pan-European project.

Europa SF is dedicated to posting news, links and original materials related to science fiction, fantasy, horror, comics, films and TV series from all over Europe. Here are the columns we suggest and their titles:

1. Editorial – a monthly general article on European SF

2. On the spot – short articles about important national or European events (festivals, conventions, book fairs, conferences etc.)

3. News – short news on major/minor European or world events

4. Events – a calendar, just the name and the date of the event

5. Reports – articles about (on-going) national or European events

6. Films & Books Reviews

7. Authors, Publishers and Magazines  –

If our correspondents indicate there is an interest in interviews, panels, essays, films, TV series etc. we will introduce new sections to cover them.

Any suggestions and recommendations are most welcome. We need at least one English-speaking person from each European SF community who is willing to help us with this project.

Please share to all those who may be interested in your country.

See the list with all contributors on the right side widget.

Website Admin:

Marian Truta – Romania