A Message from the Writer & Editor Michael Iwoleit (Germany)

    Dear friends & collaborators,

    as some of you may know, the international science fiction webzine InterNova  is currently on hiatus.

    I’m working with my new co-editor Francisco Ontanaya and webmaster Nils Mueller to relaunch the magazine on a more regular base. You can help with some contributions.

    – We’re interested in link exchanges for our new link page. If you’re interested to participate with links to your personal authors pages, magazine and association pages or whatever is interesting with regard to international science fiction, please send me your URLs. A banner would be nice but is not required.
    – If you know of any new information sources about the science fiction written in your country and/or other countries and about international science fiction in general., please let me know. New contacts to other international sf writers will also be appreciated.
    – And of course new submissions are welcome. If you have any stories in English respectively in English translation available or nonfiction about the science fiction of your country/area, please let me have a look at it.
    BTW : Any stories stories that have been accepted but are as yet not online will be published as soon as possible.

    Many thanks in advance!
    One personal remark: it seems that after the closing of Lavie Tidhar’s World SF Blog the international sf movement that got so strong in the last decade has lost some of its momentum. Please help us to give it a new push.

    All the best

    Michael K. Iwoleit
    Writer – Translator – Copywriter

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