A Hungarian SF Comedy

    “Lajko: Gypsy  in Space” (Lajko: Cigány az űrben), 2018

    Directed by Balázs Lengyel; screenplay: Balázs Lengyel, Balázs Lovas

    Cast: Tamás Keresztes (Lajkó), József Gyabronka, Tibor Pálffy, Zétény Varga, Athina Papadimitriu, Nora Trokan, Sergej Onopko, Anna Trokán, Gábor Máté, Andor Lukáts

    “This black comedy allows us to learn that the first living being in space was not actually a dog called Lajka but a Hungarian Gypsy by the name of Lajkó.” – Hungarian Film Fund

    In early 1957, the Soviet Union decides to give People’s Republic of Hungary the honour of providing the first cosmonaut to orbit in space. The most suitable candidate turns out to be Lajos Serbán, known to all as Lajkó, whose life  reflects his lifelong attraction to the stars and the outer space.”Hungarian Film Fund

    The first human who went to Space was not Yuri Gagarin, but Lajkó Serbán, a quiet, reserved Gypsy from Communist Hungary. He always wanted to become a cosmonaut, but he never knew he would become the best-kept secret of the Cold War space race. Lajkó is a satire that follows the darkly comical adventures of a man who is only useful to his society as a lab rat.” – Hungarian Film Fund




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