One of the few SF and Fantasy Film Festivals in Eastern Europe, that brings a fresh concept of gathering together, through live video streaming, the film crew and the film consumers. The festival has film screening, conferences, debates and happenings. It will have Jury Awards and Popular Awards, for four categories (SF, Fantasy, Animation and Comedy/Parody) for short and feature films.
Between September 15th-19th, 2021, in Dumbrăvița (Romania) takes place “The Galactic Imaginarium”, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Film Festival, now in its second edition.

Awards & Prizes

The Jury will award the following prizes:

TGI SF Award (short film and feature film)
TGI Fantasy Award (short film and feature film)
TGI Animation Award (short film and feature film)
TGI Comedy/Parody Award (short film and feature film)

Each category will be rewarded with an Award and a Diploma.

Popular prize is awarded after the public vote:

TGI SF Audience Award
TGI Fantasy Audience Award
TGI Animation Audience Award
TGI Comedy/Parody Audience Award

Each category will be rewarded with a Diploma



  • Lead Organizer : Darius Luca Hupov
  • Film & Industry Liaison Coordinator : Nanci Cruz

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