2017 Prix Utopiales Winners

    Winners of the Prix Utopiales were announced at the Nantes International Science Fiction Festival, known as the Utopiales Festival, held November 1-6, 2017 in Nantes, France. The awards honor works published in French.

    Prix Utopiales Européen (Utopiales European Awards)

    WINNER: L’installation de la peur (A instalação do medo, 2012/The Installation of Fear), Rui Zink, Portugal (Agullo)


    Spire – Tome 1: Ce qui relie, Laurent Genefort (Critic)
    Luna [Luna: New Moon], Ian McDonald (Denoël)
    Merfer [Railsea], China Miéville (Fleuve)
    Mes vrais enfants [My Real Children], Jo Walton (Denoël)
    The Utopiales European Award is given to a novel or a collection published or translated into French and includes a €2,000 prize. The winner is selected by jury. The jury for 2017 included Adeline Boizieau, Benjamin Bourdon, Lloyd Chery (president of the jury), Hervé Salaün, and Cynthia Salmon.

    Prix Utopiales Européen Jeunesse (Utopiales European Youth Awards)

    WINNER: Le jardin des épitaphes, tome 1: Celui qui reste debout (The Garden of Epitaphs, volume 1: The One Who Remains Standing), Taï-Marc Le Thanh (Didier jeunesse)


    Jungle Park, Philippe Arnaud (Sarbacane)
    L’Effet Ricochet, Nadia Coste (Seuil jeunesse)
    L’éveil, Jean-Baptiste de Panafieu (Gulf Stream)
    New Earth Project, David Moitet (Didier jeunesse)
    The winner of the Utopiales European Youth Award receives €2,000 and is chosen by a jury of young people aged 13 to 16 from the Nantes region which included Iréné Brasseur, Louis Espi, Anaïs Gervais, Ruffine Kitenge, Stellenn Le Moine, Alban Mentzer, and Garance Tulli-Houzet.

    Prix Utopiales du Meilleur Album de BD (Utopiales Prize for Best Album of Comics)

    WINNER: La terre de fils (The Son’s Land), Gilpi (Futuropolis)


    Shangri-la, Mathieu Bablet (Ankama)
    Police lunaire [Mooncop], Tom Gauld (2024)
    Mars horizon, Florence Porcel & Erwann Surcouf (Delcourt)
    Satanie, Fabien Vehlmann and Kerascoët (Soleil)
    Several other awards were also given during the festival:

    Prix Julia Verlanger (Best SF/F Novel)

    WINNER: L’espace d’un an et Libration (A Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet and A Closed and Common Orbit), Becky Chambers (Éditions L’Atalante)

    Le souper des maléfices, Christophe Arleston (ActuSF)
    Dark Matter, Blake Crouch (Éditions Nouveaux Milénaires)
    Lecteurs nés [Codex Born], Jim C. Hines (Éditions L’Atalante)
    Le Fleuve céleste [River of Stars], Guy Gavriel Kay (Éditions L’Atalante)
    Planetfall, Emma Newman (Nouveaux Millénaires)

    The Julia Verlanger Award was created by Jean-Pierre Verlanger in memory of his wife, who wrote under the pseudonym Gilles Thomas.

    Prix Joël-Champetier

    “Le Contrat Antonov-201” (The Antonov-201 Contract), Feldrik Rivat

    The Joël-Champetier Award is given for the best new work by a French non-Canadian writer and is selected by the Solaris Canadian magazine.

    French SF/F novelist Pierre Bordage received the Prix Extraordinare Utopiales 2017.

    Awards were also presented in game and film categories.

    For more information, see the official Utopiales website:


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