2016 Eurocon in Barcelona (4th – 6th of November)

    Barcelona won the bid to host the 2016 Eurocon which will be held November 4th-6th, 2016 together with BCon (for Barcelona Con), the 2016 Spanish National Convention Hispacon  at the Centre for Contemporary Culture (CCCB, Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, Montalegre 5).


    Congratulations, Barcelona ! Congratulations, catalan and spanish friends !

    Chaired by Josep “Pep” Burillo, the 2016 Guests of Honor are Aliette de Bodard (France), Richard Morgan (UK), Andrzej Sapkowski (Poland), Enrique Corominas (Spain) and Jun Miyazaki (Hungary).

    The Organizing Comittee consists of : Alejo Cuervo, Cristina Macía, Ian Watson, Ana Díaz Eiriz,  Oskar Arias (von Arien), Lupe Lorenzana, Raquel Lozano Álvarez, Ismael Ávalos Pérez, Miquel Codony  Álvarez.

    Josep Burillo

    Josep “Pep” Burillo : Mathematician, Professor at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Polytechnic University of Catalonia), organiser of the Barcelona Weekend in Group Theory, and co-organizer of the annual Calçotada Friki where fans feast on giant barbecued spring onions.

    Alejo Cuervo

    Alejo Cuervo : Owner of Gigamesh publishing company and bookshop, Barcelona, and majority owner of the innovative LEKTU digital platform, without DRM.

    Cristina Macía<br />

    Cristina Macía : Translator of Game of Thrones, co-organiser of the Semana Negra festival for many years, co-organiser of the annual Celsius 232 SFF festival in Avilés.

    Ian Watson<br />

     Ian Watson : SF author, co-organiser of five NewCon SF conventions in Northampton, UK, assistant with the Celsius232 festival.

    Ana Díaz Eiriz<br />

     Ana Díaz Eiriz : Event assistant at Gijón Tourism and Convention Bureau for a few years, participant in the organisation of the Semana Negra festival for another few years, and of the annual Celsius232 SFF festival in Avilés.

    Oskar Arias (von Arien)<br />

     Oskar Arias (von Arien) : Co-organiser of Hispacon 2014/MIRcon, founder member of the role-playing club Menrood (RPG, table & card games) in Granollers near Barcelona, scriptwriter and contributor to the radio-podcast “The Flight of the Phoenix” (Radio Montcada).

    Lupe Lorenzana (von Arien)<br />

     Lupe Lorenzana : Cultural and technical energiser of economic promotion, co-organiser of Hispacon 2014/MIRcon, contributor to the radio-podcast “The Flight of the Phoenix” (Radio Montcada).

    Raquel Lozano Álvarez

    Raquel Lozano Álvarez : Co-organiser of Hispacon 2014 / MIRcon, graduate in Audiovisual Communication, director and presenter of the radio-podcast “The Flight of the Phoenix”, TV series addict and X Files devotee.

    Raquel Lozano Álvarez

    Ismael Ávalos Pérez : Co-organiser of Hispacon 2014 / MIRcon, co-director of the course on Tolkien & Literature of the Pompeu Fabra University (UPF), Barcelona, Cultural Director, scriptwriter and production director of “The Flight of the Phoenix” (Radio Montcada), RPG devotee, games are his diet.

    Miquel Codony  Álvarez

    Miquel Codony : Co-organiser of the HispaCon 2014-MIRcon, ex-community manager at Literatura Fantástica RBA, blogger at La Biblioteca de Ilium and El Fantascopio, podcaster at Los VerdHugos and videopodcaster at The Spoiler Club.

     For more see the official website:

    We hope to see you in Barcelona !


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