2015 Utopiales Anthology (France)

    Built around the theme of “Reality,” this official anthology of 2015 “Utopiales” (the biggest World Science Fiction Festival), the seventh edition published by Actusf, will lead you in mysterious jungles with Fabien Clavel, in a world of strange manners with M.R. Carey or to the world of strange beings with Laurent Queyssi … You will also come across former communist pilots who have seen UFOs during World War II, small robots’ runaways, old bistro buddies, crazy and alcoholic in a misterious Paris and in the houses of virtual reality within which everything is possible …
    Not forgetting Alain Damasio that gives us a nice preview of the first chapter of his future unpublished novel, “Fusion”. Are you sure of your reality? Are we living and dead?
    Thirteen new short stories to doubt everything …

    Table of Contents

    Réalités” (Realities) – Foreword by Sylvie Lainé and Roland Lehoucq
    Les yeux en face des trous” (The Eyes in Front of Holes) – Alain Damasio
    Immersion” – Aliette de Bodard
    Welcome Home” – Jerome Noirez
    Un demi bien tiré” (A Nice Half a Shot) – Philippe Curval
    Dieu, un, zéro” (God, One, Zero) – Joël Champetier
    The Continuing Adventures of Rocket Boy” – Daryl Gregory (US)
    Le vert est éternel” (Green is Eternal) – Jean-Laurent Del Socorro
    Coyote Creek” – Charlotte Bousquet
    Intelligence extra-terrestre” (Extraterrestrial Intelligence) – Stéphane Przybylski
    Pont-des-Sables” (The Bridge of Sands) – Laurent Queyssi
    Versus” – Fabien Clavel
    Smithers And The Ghosts Of The Thar“- Robert Silverberg (US)
    Face” – M.D. Carey (UK)

    Cover’s illustration : MANCHU
    Translations: Sylvie DENIS Antoine MOTTIER, Bastien Duval, Claire Kreutzberger, Eric HOLSTEIN

    ©Actu SF


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