2015 Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire Winners (France)

    Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire (Great Award of the Imaginary) is a French award for speculative fiction created in 1974 by the writer and critic Jean-Pierre Fontana at the Clermont-Ferrand Festival of Science Fiction. It’s the oldest still active french literary prize and it covers science fiction, fantastika, fantasy, various fusions of these sub-genres and transfictions.

    Originally titled “Grand Prix de la Science-Fiction Française” (Great Award of the French Science Fiction), it was renamed Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire in 1992, which corresponds to an extension of its jurisdiction.

    The Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire (GPI) is the oldest French SFF award still active – since 1974 – as well as the most prestigious devoted to “Literature of the Imagination”. The term „imaginaire” (imaginary) covers all “pulp fictional types” such as science fiction, fantasy, fantastika, horror as well as various mergers or “transfictions” as some non-mimetic elements sliped insidiously into the mainstream.

    The Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire is presented in May at the Étonnants Voyageurs (Amazing Travellers) Festival in Saint-Malo : 23-25 of May 2015.

    Each year, the jury composed of specialists (writers, critics, journalists, translators: Joëlle Wintrebert, Jean-Luc Rivera, Pascal Patoz, Bruno Para, Jean-Claude Dunyach, François Angelier, Sandrine Brugot-Maillard, Olivier Legendre, Jean-Claude Vantroyen), is rewarding the best SF&F from several categories, the number has changed over the years. To date, these categories are ten.

    Friday, May the 15th were announced the winners of the Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire (Great Award of the Imaginary). The ceremony will take place next Sunday, the 24th of May during the Étonnants Voyageurs (Amazing Travellers) Festival in Saint-Malo at 18.00 hours.

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    Congratulations to the winners !

    French Novel  

    Aucun homme n’est une île” (No Man Is An Island) by Christophe Lambert published by J’ai Lu Press in the Nouveaux Millénaires (New Millennium) Collection.


     Foreign Novel

    La Grande route du Nord” (Great North Road) by Peter F. Hamilton (UK) ; Bragelonne Press

    Francophone Short Story

    L’Opéra de Shaya” (Shaya’s Opera) by Sylvie Lainé ;  ActuSF Press


    Foreign Short Story

    „Fille flûte et autres fragments du futurs” (Pump Six and Other Stories) by Paolo Bacigalupi, US ; Au Diable Vauvert Press

    Francophone Young Adult Novel

    „Simulacre. La seconde vie de d’Artagnan” (Simulacra. The Second Life of d’Artagnan) by Jean-Luc Marcastel ; Matagot Press

    The novel will be adapted into a film by Tim Burton.

    Foreign Young Adult Novel

    „Miss Peregrine et les enfants particuliers” (vol.1 and 2 ; Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and Hollow City) by Ransom Riggs (US) ; Bayard Press

    Prix Jacques Chambon for Translation


    Marie Surgers for „Intrabasses” (Needle in the Groove) by Jeff Noons (UK)

    Prix Wojtek Siudmak for Art

    Couverture Couverture

    Raising Stony Mayhall” by Daryl Gregory and “Fugue for a Darkening Island” by Christopher Priest (cover illustrations by the artist Aurélien Police)

    Aurélien Police for all of its book covers’ ilustration  in 2014

    Non Fiction:

    Xavier Fournier for his study „Super héros, une histoire française” (Super Heroes, a French Story); Huginn & Muninn Press

    Special Award:

    Richard Comballot

    Richard Comballot for all his interviews („Clameurs : portraits voltés”) at La Volte Press



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