2013 Minotauro Award (Spain): 10.000 euros for „Panteón”

    Carlos Sisi_PanteonThe Minotauro Award Jury have awarded the 2013 prize to the novel “Panteón” (Pantheon) by Carlos Sisi. The winner book is a space adventures novel mixed with Lovecraft themes. The Minotauro Award is offered by the Minotauro Press (Ediciones Minotauro).

    Minotauro Award is financially the world most rewarding SF&F prize consisting in 10.000 euros. In the current year, the Minotauro Award Jury had received a tsunami of submissions, 590 novels, three times more than last year: 362 from Spain, 66 from Argentina and 55 from Mexico.

    The Minotauro Award was launched in 2004 is decided by a jury of seven persons chosen by the publisher :

    Ángel Gutiérrez and David Zurdo (the previous winners), Fernando Delgado, Juan Eslava Galán, Laura Falcó, Ángela Vallvey and José López Jara (secretary).

    Congratulations, Carlos Sisi!Carlos Sisi




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